Frusterated & On a Tano Hunt...

  1. i was browsing around Tano's site today i found a bag and fell for it. Def bottega veneta-ish but this one actually fits my budget (just $235!) ;) You can see my beauty below...

    From wat i understand theres only one site thats authorized to sell Tano online ( and when i called them i was told it was a bag from their spring collection and its sold out and dont make it anymore and Tano just hasn't updated their site yet :cursing:

    Just wanted to vent my frustrations and hopefully someone out there can help me get my bag.....
    Tano Old School Bag.jpg
  2. Try . they have this bag in 5 different colors, and the site is legit and bags authentic. I've shopped them before and service is good. m Go to the Tano Sale tab and page's called Tano Old School. Good luck!
  3. .....funny, I read that as 'that sour bag'. :roflmfao::roflmfao: But I looked at all the Tano bags, and they look really fun! I just wish I could see what the other colors look like!:yes:
  4. this is the only woven bag tano is doing for fall:

    [​IMG]you can click this image for style # and colors. I think Tano is still making old school for Barneys (with their label in it) try a Barney's outlet near you if you have one.
  5. Gorgeous bag, is it as soft as a Bottega? Is it lambskin? I also had no idea Barney's sold Tano- with a Barneys nameplate... How do you know it is Tano?

  6. Funny I was wondering why when I was in Barneys a few of the bags looked and felt just like Tano Bags.
  7. Duranie, Barney's puts their own label in the bags and take the Tano tags off, but other than that, they are exactly the same. If you are familiar with Tano bags, you will be able to spot them right away at Barneys. They carry about 12 styles at a time and get in new stuff every 3 months or so.
  8. That Tano bag for Barneys is really cute!!
  9. I love that blue woven bag! How can I get a hold of it? :smile:
  10. I'm usually not a fan of woven bags at all, but that blue beauty is absolutely hot! Does anyone know the price for it?
  11. The suggested retail price for the blue woven bag, called "about us" (# 3600) is $235. Store prices will vary, though. I've never had a bottega, so I can't comment on how soft one is vs the other. This bag isn't made from lamb, though- it's cow leather. Just to clarify, I know that Barneys had the "old school" woven bag, pictured at the beginning of this thread in desert tan, but I'm not sure if they ordered this style. "About us" should be hitting boutiques in a week or two. To find a retailer near you that has it on order, you can try emailing Good luck!

  12. Alexandra, won't carry this? By the way I was just looking at the Goldie Shocks bag on the site; it is GORGEOUS! What are the dimensions?
  13. Diamond girl, I didnt order that style, sorry. And Tano doesnt have any units open to sell right now, so I cant order any, unless there are cancellations (always a possibility.)
  14. Hey I know where you can get this!At Barneys New York outlets!!!!!!!!!!