FRUITS of my Obsession..don't laugh!

  1. Your bagshowcases inspired me to post mine too!!

    So finally, here's mine: Its a humble collection and mostly lacking in color since I love logos (hehe)....although I now LOVE Balenciaga Bags too-thanks to Purse Forum.

    My small LV collection:

    the MONO family


    My most "beloved well worn Epi wallet", fits a LOOOT of crumpled money, receipts and coins ( I just chuck them all in) , this has been my wallet for 5 years already (on and off ): VERY STURDY WALLET:graucho:

    The rest of the gang:
  2. My NEW and Current Obsession:

    My Cities:


    My Blueberry Purse

    and black Twiggy ( I think I like this the BEST:jammin:)

    Hopefully, I'd get a Black First....
  3. The rest:
    Chanel Classic Flap.JPG gucci groupshot.JPG Prada.JPG Anya Hindmarch.JPG FEndi Zucca.JPG
  4. WOW!!! great collection. Love your Balenciaga. Thanks for sharing
  5. Love ur Balenciaga´s also especially the Blueberry
  6. Excellent collection!!! You have my faves all covered!
  7. Wow, what a great collection! You have a lot of handbags! Those balenciaga's are to die for!
  8. wow great collection! love the variety and colors of the bbags! :love: :drool:
  9. Great collection - I love all of your different designers!
  10. Wonderful collection! Congrats!:yes:
  11. great bags!
  12. Wow.. wonderful collection! :biggrin:
  13. Wow! I love all the LV monograms. Great collection
  14. Omg, i lopve your balenciagas, especially the orangey/red colour one, gorgeous!!! Wt colour is tht caled, i wnt one, lol!!
  15. I love your mono collection!