fruit purse- worth it?

  1. is it worth snatching this up before they remove them from stores? or should i stick with a mini skinny? so confused lol.
  2. You mean the coin purse? It probably depends on what you want to use it for because I know theres been some inquiry on if it can hold CC's or not. Would you just be using it for decorations and change?
  3. It is worth it.
  4. cash and maybe 2-3 cards
  5. I posted some pictures here comparing to a LV cles, if you're interested.

    I would worry about the apple one ... I am taking mine back to exchange because after a week, the suede is rubbing off already!
  6. Super cute...but I think its only worth it if you want to display it on a bag...not for use. Its one of the most impractical items for USE...IMO.
  7. no, i mean $98 for something that can barely carry anything is just not worth it! i do adore it though :love: