fruit purse!

  1. i was taking out my apple coin purse to put on the fruit keyfob i got to put on it when i wondered what i would do with it..i guess attaching to bags but i originally bought it as a more creative option of a mini skinny, but now im second guessing myself.. what is up with today! lol first the wristlet and now the keyfob and apple.. how do you all use it? do you have picts? im a very streamlined person, and if i wont use it then ill sell it to get something that i will use. so how do you accessorize with the coach coin purse?:shrugs:
  2. I put mine on my twill stripe tote..Lets see I think I have a picture.
  3. thats really cute! the only bag that i have to put that on would be the mj fran, and im not sure that would look as good, but the good news about that is that FINALLY i have a bag that will work with my white and black wristlet!