fruit flush while pregnant?

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  1. not sure if any of you ladies have heard of this or tried it. but our local radio station had a "health week" and this was one of the things they tried. basically you drink protein shakes for one day [starting at 8am. every 2 hours until 6pm] then the second day you eat fresh fruit or veggies [starting at 8am every 2 hours until 4pm and then you have a salad {2-4cups} no salad dressing {olive oil or flax seed oil half squeezed lemon or half an avocado} and 2 oz of lean protein] the next day you eat the fruit and veggies again followed by the salad [no protein] and i think you can have 1 protein shake with each salad...not sure.

    any ways my question is do you ladies think this would be ok to do while pregnant. it's mainly a detox plan. helps get rid of all the toxins that are being stored in your body. you are supposed to feel better and have more energy...and if not safe while pregnant what about breast feeding? my husband wants to do it, but he needs some support so it would be easier if we did it together. also a good note is that you can drop up to 9 lbs the first time you do it and then 2 lbs each time you do it.

    i don't have another doc appt until the i will talk to her about it. but would love to start on it sooner.
  2. the ingredients themselves are healthy, but as a pregnant women, I wouldn't nessicariliy (sp?) do anything to detox or lose weight while pregnant. I'm not a doctor but before I would do anything like that I would certainly contact the doctor....:shrugs:
  3. i was thinking the same...hmmm
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    well it would appear that if i had went to the website i would have had my answers...LOL

    If I am pregnant can I use your Fat Burning Diet?
    Yes, but check with your health care provider first. Growing a baby often requires special nutrients, specific to each individuals needs. That may explain why pregnant woman have specific food cravings at various times of their pregnancy.

    I am nursing my baby. Can I follow your Fat Burning Diet?
    Yes, but please check with your health care provider first. The diet is usually excellent for new mothers to melt away some of the extra weight they gained. The diet is also high enough in protein and essential fatty acids to help you keep your energy during the breast feeding months or years.

    **i'm such a klutz...i just read that it's for the "fat burning diet"....grr. i go back and look again.

    ## well there is nothing under the fruit flush section about being pregnant...bummer!
  5. yup! There ya go!! LOL

    I just remember always reading in my books and stuff that they say to "never try to lose weight while prego"
  6. I still wouldn't do it while pregnant. What would be the point? It would seem like a good thing to do BEFORE pregnancy, not during.
  7. shame i didn't know about it sooner...i guess i will wait and see what my doc says. i know if i can't do it now, i will surely be doing it the first chance i get.
  8. I think detox should be done after you give birth. I wouldn't mess with that now. You never know how things like that will affect you and the baby.... not to mention that you will get so sick of that shake by the second one, lol!
  9. When you are pregnant you need sooo many vitamins and minerals to sustain you and your baby. I wouldn't try losing weight when you're pregnant because A) Your body is setting itself up for natural fat storing anyways, why bother? B) You pretty much HAVE to exercise to lose weight, and heavy exercise can cause baby's heart rate to go up, and that could be bad.
    There are just a lot of things that could happen. I've never seen a pregnant woman diet. LOL. Like I said, no point :nogood:
    Anyways. Eat all the fruit and veggies you want, just make sure that you accompany it with lots of protein, zinc, folic acid, and calcium :yes: Good luck :smile:
  10. Sounds like something to try after BF is done and if I have a few pounds hanging around lol
  11. yeah, im stoked to try it out!! but i will be waiting.