Frugal Tano Lover

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  1. I've been lurking on tPF for a while, and actually only just joined today. I had to though, I needed the support of other Tano lovers! The reason for the "frugal" title is while I love love love bags (Tano especially), I limit myself to 2 bags a year. You read that right! I work from home, and my delightful BF of 5+ years is now at home too, so he's onto me and my shopping habit.

    Now that I think of it, I believe I only bought one in 2008 - Street Walker in Dandelion (? it's a lovely yellow). In late 2006 I bought Menage a Frog in black, my all-purpose go-to bag. In 2007 I got a LeSportsac Tokidoki bag and a purple Latico bag. No Tanos that year. Time to make up for it! I just ordered Getting Warmer in blueberry today (I've already tried it on at That's our bag, so I know I'll love it) and I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival! I've seen the summer preview bags on the MHB blog, and am in LOVE with the Never Frou Frou in Smog. My bag goal for 2009 is to get a blue bag and a gray bag.

    I'm pleased the GW in blueberry will take care of one of my 2009 resolutions! ;)
  2. Congrats on your blueberry GW please share some pics with us when it comes! Do you have pics of the Menage a Frog? I'd love to see that bag (I love past season Tanos)!
  3. OMG I'm so jealous that you can actually GO to TOB and try things on... fabulous!

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to TPF! Great to see another tano fan... you should post pics of your bags after you get your blueberry GW! ;)

    The smog looks terrific... just keep in mind those links we post show bags that might not make it into production so always have back up choices ;) lol!
  4. I love the smog never frou frou too!
  5. Welcome, Ronnie!!! Congrats on your GW!!!!! :yahoo: Can't wait for your pics!
  6. Welcome to the Tano SF! You have great taste! I have a blueberry GW and ADORE her, and the Never Frou Frou will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine.
  7. Welcome to the subforum!:yahoo:
  8. Yes, let's see these bags!
  9. ^^Yeah what she said!! :P
  10. I feel the Tano love, thanks for the words of welcome!

    I'll definitely take photos of my bags and post this weekend. My BF will think I'm weird, he already thinks I'm odd for taking pics of my knitting and posting them on

    He'll walk past the office and find me staring at one of 3 things online: bags, boots or skeins of yarn, and shout "BAGS!" or "BOOTS!" or "SKEINS!" depending on what I'm obsessing over at that moment.
  11. Tygerkitty, yes, TOB is a few blocks from my office downtown. I work from home full time, but go into the office once a month, and one of my stops at lunch is TOB to check out the goods. I had a great conversation about Tano bags with the saleslady last Friday at their sister store 2 doors north, That's Her Bag (much nicer set up than TOB's crowded main store). She had nothing but good things to say about the bags. I had my heart set on a GW, but then saw a bunch of others I liked too, tried them all out and ultimately knew my first instict was right, GW was the one for me.

    Well, in addition to Never Frou Frou, I also like Self Portrait, which has a similar vibe. My BF said I always get the same type of bag, which is patently untrue. The subtle differences between styles are so lost on a man, aren't they? :P