Frugal Habits

  1. I figure I'd open up a new thread for this with a new subject line. Ok, most of us here have bought something Hermes, and it's a fact that Hermes is expensive. I can't speak for everyone but I know I'm awfully cheap when it comes to non-Hermes things. I don't own namebrand shoes (except for 1 Bally - or was it Steve Madden?), I don't even wear namebrand clothes (save for several Armani Exchange tops), and I do enjoy eating $1 menu at Mickey D's. Am I the only one? If I'm not, please share examples where you are frugal. I think this can be a fun thread!
  2. Most of my clothes come from Old Navy, when we eat out it is usually pizza or fast food, when grocery shopping we buy generic or what's on sale, do manicures/pedicures/hair color myself...I'm sure there's a lot more. :lol: But when it comes to accessories, only the best! :yahoo:
  3. Now this is one thread on the PF that my DH would actually like! LOL!!! Other than shopping at Target and Costco for necessities, I could learn a little about cutting corners! I am terrible!
  4. No Kou, you are not...I'm not cheap about clothing or shoes, gotta have manolo! :yes: but...I hate spending money on paper towels/products, parking, taxi's (I'll walk), electronics, (I still have a vcr and a sony walkman:nuts: I bought in the 80's!!!) the electronics in part because they dont last like they used to my ipod worked for a few weeks and is in repair 28 out of 30 days! and I went through about 5 voicemail machines,(all worked a few weeks only), and now I am back to the one I bought in ' works perfect. My husband makes fun of me about how cheap I can be! :rolleyes: but in my opinion there is reason and logic to it!:shame:
  5. I guess I'll go into details about the way I do it then ... At least you guys can get a good laugh out of this.:P

    So I'm cheap with lots of things, sometimes to a ridiculous degree. I only spend on what I care about and what I'm collecting, so in this case it's Hermes and Faberge ... In terms of food, I eat something expensive once in a while (i.e. Fondue, which is about $40/person) but most of the time I eat cheap. That means Mickey D's, Taco Bell, or eating at Chinese restaurants (where you can get yummy food for cheap). There're also days where a boba milk tea can fill me up quite easily.

    Clothes-wise it's mainly Zara, Mango, non-namebrands from the Night Market (bought by Mom), and a few AX tops. Lots of my clothes were bought on sales and sometimes I go to outlets to do my shopping. However, I RARELY shop since I'm not into clothes. I own 5 pairs of shoes, and according to my SO, that's considered "ridiculously few" for women.

    While I'm okay with plunking down 10K for a bag, I whine about the gas prices and the mileage on my car. I actually try not to go out these days so I can save on gas and postpone the inevitable - buying extended warranty on my car. Many would say I have my priorities wrong, but strangely enough I am just too cheap to spend on anything else.

    I also don't do manicures, but that's also because I cannot type with long nails and I'm afraid to scratch up my bags. I don't spend money on facials but that's also partly because it causes me breakouts. I don't do massage but that's partly due to the fact that it hurts (I don't know why). Sooooo ... I save quite a lot from being so cheap. I don't feel that I'm deprived because of it as I don't spend on things I don't care about, and boy they do add up~
  6. OMG...this is funny. My DH reads this forum and will get a good laugh with this. The other day I bought something at Hermes, and I said, "forget going to Old Navy now...." But I do that with alot of things. I can buy a pair of louboutins, and say "lets eat at home tonight"....He thinks its my trying to compensate in my own world and even things out. I do chuckle on my habits...
  7. :blush: :angel:

    wait i do get alot of my clothes taylored by my fabulous indian taylor and that is cheap! (but i am a good lady i pay above minimum :yes: ) but i only get the best best best fabrics out there 120 wool pure silks cashmere.
  8. Old Navy!!! It's like Banana Republic styles for half the price!! :yahoo: Gotta love the fact that they're all under the Gap umbrella. My sister who makes at least 10K more than I do is a huge fan of Old Navy!
  9. I have to visit you in Dubai!! It sounds absolutely fab there!!!
  10. I like $$$ accessories and some clothes, but aside from H and NM, my fav store is Target too.

    I use all my makeup and products until the very last drop and I hoard samples! :shame:
  11. well i love it it is absoutely superficial and it is disneysand or dobuy but i love the people here they are the best! :flowers:
    nd it is basically crimefree
    but it has its downsides (talk cheap indian pakistani labour)
  12. Ok, I LOVE Costco. They have white tea in BULK!!!! I also love their samples because on the weekends, they do put out the best little samplers. Their paper towels and toilet papers are great too. My parents own two houses so we always get the paper towels at Costco to restock. I also get my gasoline at Costco because they're the cheapest.

    I don't go to Target much but I do go to Trader Joe's whenever I can. They have fabulous selection of food there and they're very affordable.
  13. I love samples too!! I also have a lot of those "gift with purchase" that comes with buying cosmetics during promotional times. I have enough to last more than 10 years!
  14. I hate facials, :wtf: I they are terrible for my skin, and you are right masage at best makes me tickelish:roflmfao: , at worst hurts and leaves bruises!:Push: :lecture: these are two things I would not do if THEY paid me! :lol:
  15. Electronics from '93? Gotta admit, they don't make things the way they used to. Now ... how in the world do you walk in those Manolos? Their shoes are very gorgeous and stylish but I feel PAIN just looking at them.