Frugal ? Cheapskate ? U name it..!!

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I see all of u are enjoying your PCE purchases or salivating on the new purses at However i have a teeny tiny weensy question...bear in mind i just got sucked into the coach madness early this year and is still a newbie...:shame:

    I noticed that the new sophia #15690, the mia leather carryall #15409 and the kristin satchel #14782 are all priced the same i.e $358.00
    However the cheapskate in me :P wonders why is the kristin which is the smallest of the bunch has the same pricetag?
    Is it because of the leather, the construction, the detailing...anything?
    I'm planning my first PCE purchase so i have to consider every aspect known to humankind lol..(for the record i am considering between the three purses)

    Can anyone clarify on this..? Maybe for some that have purchased the purses can pitch on on the differences? Or just general opinion..
    TIA so much !
  2. i sell them at macys and i think the reason the kristin is the same price is exactly what you mentioned. it has more detail than the other bag with the extra pocket and special closure and then it also is leather.
  3. thx..i have yet to see them IRL hence all the the kristin leather thicker somewhat compared to mia and sophia or is it just the same?
  4. I have a small Kristin Satchel and a small leather Sophia, so I recommend getting both ;)

    From my observations, the Kristin leather is very smooth, soft and somewhat flat. The Sophia leather is also soft, but it has a subtle sheen to it, I also think it might be a little thinner than the Kristin leather. Both are gorgeous and good quality!
  5. thx belle79..! How i wish i could afford both but there's always next
  6. Have you taken a look at the full prices of wallets?! That always kills because they can cost as much (or more!) than a full price bag and yet they are so much smaller. I love a good wallet and I realize that a lot of work goes into the construction; but somehow the prices just seem wrong to me in comparison to the bags!
  7. I think pricing has more to do with the construction and materials used than it has to do with size. The more time that goes into the construction of the bag, the more it costs to make. Of course the nicer the leather & hardware, the more it adds to the cost also.

    But also I think there's certain price categories that bags will fit into. If one studies the prices one begins to see similarities between the bags.

    RE: wallets. An SA told me that there's like 60 steps that go into the construction of a wallet. So even though they are small, they are still costly to make. That said, I always use a checkbook wallet, and it hurts to pay $228 (now looks like $238) for a new wallet. I'd rather keep an eye out for a nice one at the outlet, unfortunately they seldom have one there I really like. :shrugs:

    Also there's
  8. I've only purchased 2 full-sized coach wallets, but they are checkbook wallets and FP deletes, a black leather bleeker and a peach leather kristin. I spent less that $100 for each of them at the outlet. (I think that the bleeker was around $70 and the kristin was $90.) I love them both, especially the kristin, but I just couldn't pay $238 for a wallet!

    But I understand what you mean about production expense. I recently saw an episode of "How It's Made" on the Science Channel and they were making an alligator bag (not Coach!) It was all hand-made and really looked like a lot of precision work. I think they said that it took a worker a full-day to hand-make one bag!
  9. Yup i cant for the life of me (my pocket justify the price of the wallet compared to a full size bag.but hey i think all purses are like that..the wallet will cost slightly lower than the matching bag... it's like the other day i was complaining to my friend that baby clothes have the same price tag as normal adult sized clothes (she has a one year old - we were shopping for the angel)..wooaaa i digress..:nuts:

    To take my mind of the sting i always say to myself, it's harder to make a wallet than a we are paying for the workers' labor and such.. But just like katev and katierose i will patiently wait at the outlet to pounce on a wallet lol!
  10. That would probably be your best bet.I know that there are alot of Madison wallets and wristlets going to the Outlet's in the next couple of weeks!I will be stalking an op art med. or an op art slim envelope wallet.I'm sure they will be at a much better price:smile:
  11. Amen on the wallet scene. I think I have five Coach wallets--two were PCE purchases, two outlet FP deletes, and one a Christmas gift. I could never validate shelling out that much cash for one unless it was more of a clutch-style.

    I'm frugal too, especially with my limited funds these days :P I think I'm only going to get one or two small accessories this PCE round. I got the tartan glam tote through a return situation, which is my current LOVE. And while I've been curious about some of the other bags, I'm not coveting them like I did the glam tote. And with my Alexandra berry purchase from last PCE, I'm actually really happy with my collection right now.

    So honestly, I'd possibly wait on the Kristin satchel. The Kristin stuff definitely hits the outlets (I scored a violet small hobo a week ago for at least half its original price). Maybe play with one of the newer lines?