Frozen shoulder

  1. Have any of you ever had a frozen shoulder? I've had this for some time and it's getting progressively worse, off to have some acupuncture tomorrow, but just wondered if anybody has something else to suggest if this doesn't work. Any sudden movement sends a pain up my arm so bad it makes me want to throw up...(sorry)
  2. I'm not sure what frozen shoulder is, exactly, but for months and months I suffered from unexplained shoulder pain. It would go up into my neck and behind my right ear too.

    I went to a Chiropractor and after treatment two or three times a week for about two months it is almost completely better. She suspected the pain was actually emanating from my first rib.

    She also has a massage therapist in her office and I go to her every other week. I think the combined therapies have worked wonders. It took more time than I had hoped it would, but in the end was quite helpful.

    Good luck to you. I have heard wonderful things about acupuncture and its healing abilities.
  3. Have you gone to a doctor and had this checked out yet? Do not ignore the problem it will only get worse. The best thing for you to do is go into physical therapy. Accupuncture may make you feel better for a little while but it is not going to fix the functional problem that your shoulder is having.

    Hope you can get it all worked out.
  4. Yes, neoda, been to doctor and physio, they both say this "frozen" shoulder thing is something which will go away by itself, but it could take up to 2 years and it's not that much they can do for it...some physio will help and I can go and have a cortisone injection (which will be my last resort) Apparently, this is caused by a chemical imbalance in your body, but they're not really sure...

    I'll try a bit of acupuncture first (my friend swears by it) and if no better, then my next stop is some physical therapy, anybody got healing hands...?

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my options!:smile:
  5. You have never had any shoulder injuries? Were you ever an althlet? Do any repetitive motions of the shoulder?
  6. Never had any injuries, Neoda, had a similar issue with my other shoulder about 5 years ago, but nothing like this..that one did just heal itself, but this is just too painful to ignore..Don't really do any repetitive movements (apart from clicking that mouse to check out lovely bags and post in this great forum..)

    Anyway, we'll see how it goes, thanks for caring:smile:
  7. Frozen shoulder is also known as tendinitis. I had that a couple of years ago, and expect a very long recovery time. If you play racquet sports, like tennis or badminton, I suggest you stay away from that. Another culprit for this is poor sleeping habits like lying on your side where you shoulder gets crushed. Or you sleep with your hand up and above you head. This position cuts the blood circulation in your shoulders. Doing something and using the phone, where you put the phone in between your ear and shoulder also causes this. And, I had to give up big and heavy shoulder bags for some time because it cause shoulder pain too. I suggest that you put heating pad every night before you sleep, go to an acupuncturist, and see a physical therapist. You need to do a lot of stretching excercise to relive the pressure in your shoulder. There is also a thread about deep tissue massage. This is not a relaxing type, but it is very very painful. The therapist applies a lot of pressure to "break" the nodules or the hardening in your muscles. It took me almost 2 years before I was completely healed.
  8. What a small world this is here on the PF. I had a complete labral reconstruction seven months ago on my right shoulder. I have been riding and training horses since I was 6 and probably had one too many falls :crybaby:

    After about a month after surgery, I had EXCRUTIATING pain 24/7 that no painkillers could touch. My doc said my shoulder had "frozen" as a result of surgey and I had built up scar tissue way too fast for how my body should be healing. It has been frozen for 6 months and I am getting surgery again to remove the scar tissue and I should be as good as new (considering I am only 28, this had better happen!:wtf: )

    My frozen shoulder is a direct freak result of surgery that only occurs in 1% of people. Wow lucky me...not really.

    I believe yours sound like it just "happened" randomly, which also occurs. I found a lot of info on frozen shoulder just by going on the internet and googling "frozen shoulder." Good luck, I know it stinks!
  9. anufangava, thanks for responding, you're absolutely right about me sleeping on my shoulder, I do (have to be more concious of that..) and I will go back to a physical therapist and get some exercises going on it, it's just been so painful, the idea of someone starting to move it around hasn't been very appealing...Having some ultrasound today and acupuncture tomorrow, think it's going to take some time, though, I'm usually so active and now I feel like a 94 year old, LOL, really cramps my style..appreciate your advice, always feels better talking to somebody who's been there:smile:

    kristie, excruciating pain, I know, not even funny (prefer last stages of labour to this), good luck with removing that scar tissue, I'm sure you will be alright, will go on the net and have a look, thanks for sharing your experience, really makes a difference to hear from others dealing with the same thing:smile:
  10. Just to let you know I've had 5 sessions of acupuncture and my arm and shoulder are 80% better, moveability improving every day, can't praise this treatment enough, guess I responded really well to it:smile:
  11. That is very encouraging news!:smile: Sometimes treatment is a rather lengthy process. I'm glad you're seeing improvement!
  12. I would see a REAL doctor instead! Before it worsens!
  13. ^She's already been to a 'real' doctor.

    Glad the acupuncture helped you!!! I've had it before for back pain when muscle relaxers and vicodin from my 'real' doctor didn't help at all! Alternative medicine can be pretty cool.
  14. Sweetpea, a "real" doctor was my first stop, sent me to have a cortisone injection (which I was reluctant to do, but the pain made me cave in..)

    Then I had physio, which helped a bit, but the real breakthrough came with acupuncture, I felt better immediately after the first treatment, expected this to be a lengthy haul to recovery (as I had it 5 years ago in my other arm, took two years..), but now I can go on holiday in a few weeks nearly pain free and I'm back in the gym (going careful) Arm and shoulder need daily exercise for months to get back to normal, but this is nothing compared to the way it was...

    Sanguar and Leelee, thanks for happy responses, if alternative medicine works, go for it is my opinion and even if it has more to do with believing in it than anything else, who gives a monkeys, as long as it works!!!:smile:
  15. ^
    maggie7, I couldn't agree with you more about the benefits of alternative medicine. Some of the "cure" might be positive thinking, but, that's okay by me too. I mean, gosh, the brain is part of the body!

    I do think, too, that there are physical benefits to these treatments. I've heard about doctors even using acupuncture as anesthesia.

    I've had great success these past few months with a chiropractor and a massage therapist for my aching shoulder and neck.

    I'm with you...if it works, then YAY!!!!