Frozen Pizza

  1. We have a serious shortage of good pizza places around here, so my husband I started thinking we should buy some frozen ones. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I like DiGiorno and California Pizza Kitchen. Or, you can get a Boboli kit and make your own! The shells freeze pretty well.
  3. digiorno & cpk, that's exactly what i what i was going to say!
  4. I wish cpk would make a frozen version of its hawaiian pizza, that was their best one. Ham, pineapple, and kalamata olives! Mmmmm!
  5. I like CPK or I order from Ginos east in chicago :yahoo:
  6. I loce CPK too :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I bought both varieties at the grocery today....CPK and DiGiorno's. They both look delicious and we'll try them out next week.

    Again, I appreciate your suggestions. I had no idea what to get!
  8. Costco sells a frozen pizza margherita that has a thin and crispy crust and is actually quite good - especially if you doctor it up with a little spinach and feta cheese. :drool: We buy these to keep in the freezer for when we need something in a hurry. IMO it is good enough to serve as an appetizer to company. It does not taste like a frozen pizza! It is called Palermo Super Thin and comes in a box of four individually wrapped pizzas.
  9. I like Jack's and if I want to spend more either Digiorno or Freschetta.
  10. I don't know if you have a Trader Joe's near you, but I like their frozen pizzas because they have thin crusts (I dislike pizzas that are too bready) and uncured/non-chemical meats. I also like the suggestion another poster made about buying a Boboli and making your own.
  11. Trader Joe's or Amy's Organic cheese pizza. Still pretty healthy, but if you are looking for hard core NY style pizza these won't do, they are less greasy but you won't feel sick after you eat them!
  12. I have not ever had a great frozen pizza.
  13. Crap, I just had some but can't remember who's it from! :sad:
  14. I love the CPK BBQ Chicken pizza.
  15. Me either!