Frozen in Grand Central Station

  1. My dad's friend sent this to him and he sent it to me. I'm showing it to youse guys.

    Frozen in Grand Central Station

    This is a prank on a "grand" scale. Over 200 people gathered at Grand Central Station in New York to pull off a 'frozen in place' act. The onlooking travelers who weren't part of the act were mystified as to what was going on.

  2. That's so funny! I could never stay that still for that long.
  3. So cool!

    These types of art demos make people think.

    At what point were you aware that something odd was occurring?

    At what point were you aware that an art event was happening?

    At what point were you thinking that mundane moments can have powerful statements?

    At what point did you think the common events of your life could contain more meaning?

    Some non-participants took pics. If something interesting or significant happens, do you want to be a participant or a tourist?

    Why were you not part of the instigator-artists? Don't know enough artists? Don't care? Hate these silly events?

    How do you use symbolism in everyday life to help make the lives of others and yourself more meaningful?

    Very cool performance art event! THX to the poster!
  4. Wow, that was awesome!
  5. Loved it - thought it was well done...the reaction of the onlookers was funny to watch.
  6. That was such a cool video! I could never stay still either for that long .. I'm impressed they were able to hold their positions for so long. Loved hearing people's comments on the video!
  7. Did you see how many jaded New Yorkers continued to walk past them? LOL
  8. Friggin' Fabulous!
  9. SWEET!!! I love performance art.
  10. YES! New Yorkers are such an interesting breed! I guess they have seen it all before :shrugs:

    I wonder how they gave the signal for everybody to freeze/unfreeze at the same time! I am assuming it wasn't an audio signal, otherwise the *viewers* would have become aware of it and the effect would have been lost?!
  11. There's a big clock in the middle of the station, so I'm sure the signal was "when the big hand hits this particular number."
  12. i am so glad i came in here! that was cool!
  13. that's pretty cool!
  14. Awesome!! Applause Applause!!