Frozen foods - add something or eat as is?

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  1. Curious to know if anyone here gets creative with frozen food that they purchase or even instant soups... do you ever add anything or eat as is?

    With frozen pizza its nice to add a few basil leaves, mushrooms and peppers on top before popping in the oven. With instant noodle soup I ALWAYS squeeze in some lemon juice, add soy sauce and hot sauce.

    What about you guys?
  2. For the most part, I add something, even to canned/boxed/instant soup. My typical additions include anything from hot sauce/sriracha, milled flax, or salsa.
  3. I add spinach when appropriate, but that's it.
  4. Anytime I make something frozen I always like to add some seasonings for some extra flavoring to make it my own.
  5. I have been lots of this frozen korean dumplings from bibigo, cannot get enough of it! It is as good on its own.
  6. I add sauces to frozen veggies. Spices/seasoning/sauces to frozen meats. Hot sauces, fresh veggies to canned soups.

    Anything to make it less boring.
  7. I add spices and/or sauce to most things (fresh or frozen) to make them more spicy.. Nothing I buy is ever hot enough as is! :P