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  1. There were a couple of questions about Frownies in the Botox thread, so I started a new thread to describe them --

    Frownies are small (about 1.5. inches) paper triangles with paste on the back -- that's it! They are made out of something that looks like regular craft paper. They come in a long perforated strip. You separate a triangle, wet the pasted back and place it on your forehead between your brows -- and go to sleep (or hibernate at your computer or work in your study etc etc.) There are also frownies for other parts of the face but I have only used the forehead ones. (I keep them next to the bed and usually pop it on after the lights are out. . .)

    The frownies prevent you from using the muscles that make the frown lines. It really works. The triangle stays on all night and when you take it off in the morning your frown lines are almost gone. Over the course of the day they come back -- a lot when you start using the Frownies -- but over time -- the frown lines just relax more and more and after several months it is as though the muscles are dis-empowered and no longer have the strength they formerly did. I CAN frown, but it just doesn't happen as automatically or as easily.

    The paste on the Frownie does not irritate my skin.

    I got them at Ball Beauty Supply. They are sold at several online sites. I guess they have been around forever -- I can't remember when I first heard about them but supposedly Rene Russo and Susan Sarandon use or used them -- per the original advertising. They are cheap and risk free.

    After the Shining Monkey debacle I feel it necessary to assert that I am in no way (other than as a long term user) associated with this product!!!

    Has anyone else used them? Would love to compare notes.
  2. My friend used them once or twice. But the paste gave her an allergic reaction.