frownies? Brow Furrows?

  1. What are frownies? I've heard a few members mention them. Do they help furrows between the eyebrows? I hate the stark lines there, and have been considering botox...but if there's a cheaper or easier way to start combatting them, I'd love to know:biggrin:
  2. All the stars use them (supposedly). You can go here to read about them

    It's worth a try if you are considering botox. I have the forehead ones and haven't yet tried them.
  3. double post - sorry!
  4. Cool! I too have considered botox down the road...I hear it also helps eliminate migraines too - what a bonus!!
  5. Thanks Twinklette! I'm going to order some. ^^^that's cool that botox has "fringe benefits"! Although I'll be glad just to get rid of the wrinkles. For now, I'm trying the frownies:smile:
  6. I love Frownies! I have been using them for years! I didn't see much difference in the eyes or mouth lines(marionette lines,they call them) but they are FANTANSTIC on the lines between the brows! I use them, the Facemaster,and Youthful Essence microdermaraasion regularly.:heart:
  7. I ordered some and am excited to try them out!
  8. Hi, I posted about Frownies a few times as I have been using them for several years. They do help (for the glabellar forehead furrows) and the effect is cumulative if you use them every night over a period of months. But they do not work as well as Botox. Be patient and keep using them consistently. Your lines seem gone when the Frownie first gets taken off in the morning. The lines return during the day. Over weeks and months I think the muscles relax and/or you learn not "clench" them when you focus your eyes or squint. Good luck with them!
  9. ^^^thanks for that report deborahsue. I have just received my frownies in the mail, so shall try them tonight:smile:

    Or ;-( as the case may be...
  10. I'm interested in how it has worked out for you. I have the forehead lines and can't stand them. And I'm only 28 yrs old. My mother who is 51 doesn't even have them. ugh!