Frosty the Snowman!!!

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  1. This came in the mail for me yesterday and I love it!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I have been looking for one for ages and I got lucky! :love:

    Hermes Snowman with copyrights.jpg
  2. Too cute!!!! :yes: Congrats!
  3. Very cute. :yes: But "copyrights" ???
  4. very cute!
  5. Oh it's so cute! I have one too and I just looooove it! Maybe we should introduce them one to another :nuts:
  6. it is soooo cute. i love it!!!! congratulations!!!
  7. Maybe she meant it as a watermark?
  8. I think you are lucky you got that one!!! So cute!
  9. I have one also!
  10. Thanks everyone!! I am loving my Snowman!!!

    tarma turgo - oh yes, they should meet and be friends!! :smile:

    kellybag & shoes319, aren't we lucky??

    mrsS & oregonfanlisa - yeap, it's an amateurish watermark so that no one can steal my pics :p
  11. he's lovely
  12. cute!
  13. that is so so cute
  14. Tres mignon!
  15. Would remind me of Christmas, a very happy and loving time for my family.

    Wear in good health!