Frontline or Advantage for fleas?

  1. I remember using one on my kitty a long time ago, which is better?

  2. I use frontline, but I think advantage is stronger? so I'm not sure.
  3. My pups use Revolution once a protects against heartworm and fleas:smile:
  4. Frontline! At least that's what our vet recommended over Advantage. He said that it was more broad spectrum and more effective.
  5. BalenciagaLove....your puppy is cute! Thanks for letting me know about Frontline. I think I used Advantage before. I'll go to my local Petco and get some tomorrow.
  6. Yes, I agree that Advantage is much stronger, my vet recommended that for aggressive treaments.

    I just used it on my two girls 48 hours ago and I can *still* smell a faint chemical ordor about them. They also seemed to be affacted by it, very tired and feeling low/sick.

    Given that, I don't think I'd use it again, probably go back to Frontline instead.

  7. I don't know if you have a dog or a cat but the Frontline PLUS is waterproof and that is a must for my puppy. Everyone I know swears by it (we are in 3 dog groups and that's what everyone uses). But we have not had such luck. It is suppose to "kill all flea stages, including fleas in the pet's surroundings, prevent and contral flea re-infestation, controls and treats flea allergy dermatitis, controls paralysis ticks for up to 2 weeks, controls brown dog ticks and biting lice for up to 1 month" But what sets it apart from advantage is that it is waterproof and guards against eggs/reinfestation. That's what I was told.

    Like I said everyone I know uses it and LOVES it. Howie's first vial lasted about a week before I found fleas. The second month, it lasted about 2 weeks. We are going to stick to it though. Howie is very active, we are out with other dogs daily, he swims at the local dog pond daily, and he is out on doggie hikes weekly as well as the beach, so he comes around a lot of flea infested dogs. But if it works like it is suppose to, that shouldn't matter.

    Good luck!
  8. Yes, Frontline (Merial) is waterproof and Advantage (Bayer) is not. But unless you bath your kitty, it would not matter much. Although, Frontline kills ALL stages of flea life cycle (egg, larva, pupa, adult), Advantage kills only adult fleas, which is prevents the female fleas from laying more eggs. I think Frontline Plus is effective against fleas AND ticks.
    For fleas, both are effective if you keep up with your monthly application. Most of us in the profession go for either Frontline or Advantage for fleas. Some of us not impressed with Revolution for flea treatment, but it is good for ear mites. If your cat/dog has heavy infestation, then veterinarians usually give a oral flea medication called Capstar which kills off all the adults immediately, then followed by topical flea prodcuts such as Frontline or Advantage. And you also may have to treat your house because you will be surprised how many 'dormant' flea eggs stays in the carpet waiting for the opportunity to hatch and jump on the animals!!! Fleas can be life threatening to cats and dogs because it can cause anemia...
    Frontline and Advantage are safer than those cheap ones because they only stay on the skin layer and not be absorbed systematically in the body. I have seen especially kittens die using OTC flea products... Also, never use any products intended for DOGS ONLY.
    Anyway, too much information, huh?
    tiramisu, RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician)
  9. I used some cheap flea medication on Maya when she was *just* old enough to have it because I noticed a few fleas on her (to my horror). I put it on her and she was freaking out and acting I gave her a bath right away! Then I read on the internet that pets can die from it?! needless to say never again!
  10. definently frontline and get the plus too. make sure you don't use one of those cheap flea/tick topical stuff, they can contain some bad ingridient (forget what it's called), it can cause some kitties to get sick, especially if they're already old/sick.
  11. Yeap, the cheap flea/tick stuff containes organophosphates which are bad to the animals and bad to us!!! It is essentially a toxic pesticide.
  12. Yep, mine too! I just treated the cats today, in fact.
  13. My vet always recommends Frontline Plus because it kills all flea stages and if your animal comes into contact with another animal that is infected and the fleas transfer, the Frontline will kill those transferred fleas.

    tiramisu- thank you for all of the valuable information.
  14. I used both, but now I'm sticking to Frontline, simply coz I like the form better than Advantage. I bought a big bottle of Frontline and just spray it to my dog and cats. The bottle will last me 3 - 6 months on 4 animals, pretty economical imo.