1. I know I'm totally behind on this borrowing bag stuff, but I stumbled across it yesterday. are the bags on this site authentic? There's this very cute bag that I'd like to get for my niece for her birthday party, I see that there's another site that lets you "steal" aka buy the bag after you've borrowed it (something bags steal or borrow??); does also let you purchase the item if you decide that you like it?

    Authenticity is my main concern.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  2. ^ I bought two bags from's outlet sale and both were authentic. I returned one, because I wasn't happy with the condition and they were really nice. Great customer service! If I saw a good deal, I would buy from them again.

    I don't think you get a good deal when you borrow though. Especially when you buy it afterwards. :shrugs:

  3. Thanks!

    There's an outlet on Is it only visible to members?
    I only see the outlet on
  4. ^ I did have to register. They were having some sort of special sale, so they might not have the outlet all the time. I'm not sure :shrugs:...
  5. is another part of be the outlet you are talking about. But you do still have to register with