From which brand is this gorgeos bag?

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  2. it's definitely PS1 inspired but beyond that, i have no idea. i''ll bump it up and maybe someone else will recognize it.
  3. ITA. It looks like a PS1, but the picture is too small to tell.
  4. Mulberry Alexa?
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  6. Not ps1
  7. Looks like the MiuMiu version
  8. Haha amusing that when an ID is asked everyone assumes designer...

    Anyway, is definately not the PS1 OR Alexa, i did a quick search and came up empty, the closest that i saw was one from Warehouse. Sorry OP :biggrin:
  9. I want to say it's from ASOS, but I'm not positive.
  10. I searched and it's not the alexa, ps1 and not from asos, zara,mango or topshop..

    Any other ideas?
  11. I'm not sure either.. :shrugs:

    Here's a enlarged pic from sas_fashion's link,

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  13. I would love to know. That bag is hott designer or not.
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  15. Errrr I think lurkingsmirk might have it right! It looks very much like that Zara link you posted.