From what season is this bag?

  1. Is this Faridah very old?

  2. I believe that Faridah is from either Fall 06 or Spring 07 if I'm not mistaken. Gung might know. You might want to PM her. :flowers:
  3. Good idea! Thanks!
  4. ^Hi, I got your PM. I see the bag you are referring to on eBay and yes, this bag style is fairly "old" as in from being from a few seasons ago. However, given the fact that I can't see the interior lining, the nameplate, or the engravings on any of the hardware, I would not be able to say for sure if it is authentic or not. Perhaps you could ask the seller to take pics of the interior of the bag, and that might help.
  5. I think it may be from Fall 06.. I remember these going on sale last year and I was upset that I missed them. I love the color!
  6. Hi, 'thithi'! Do you remember its sale price?
  7. Hi, 'gung'! Thanks a lot for your prompt answer! I'm afraid of all the bag hardware is scratched ... because the bag is a bit old ... I don't know ... .