From Westminster

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  1. I saw this photo in the Boston Globe and thought of everyone here....made me smile....enjoy!

    A converted LV scarf for a much loved dog (champion)?
  2. Now is that a "real" lv scarf or one of the ear covers we use for our dogs with long ears, so there ears stay out of their food. My girls (English springer spaniels) have those kind of scarfs, but alas not buying them fakes or real LV's
  3. It looks like a fake scarf but the Dog distracts from that because its super cute, I think I will forgive this dog for wearing a fake
  4. Oh gosh that is so cute, it reminds me of my grandmother LOL!
  5. That's cute! Although I'm pretty sure it's a fake scarf... but still sweet!
  6. does anybody know what type of dog that is ?, OMG its so cute, I cant stop looking at that pic
  7. Is that a Saluki? She looks beautiful [sans the fake LV scarf]!!!

    Steve: Here is a pic of a Saluki:

  8. thanks John, This dog is so cute lol
  9. That's really cute, too bad the scarf is fake !
  10. Looks kinda like my mother-in-law ... only that dog probably don't bark or bite!
  11. Awww too cute. Love dogs =) I'll disregard the fake.
  12. That's just adorable :tender:
  13. LOL:roflmfao:
  14. Yes, that dog is rockn' it out with even the fake LV scarf:supacool: Cool!!!