From Vuitton to Hermès

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  1. Is someone here, who comes from Vuitton and was tired to see so many of these bags
    around ? 20 years ago Vuitton was someting very special to me, but today I feel it is become a mass product.
  2. More than 20 years ago when I lived in DC and saw the street vendors selling LV and Gucci and I never ventured to either brand because of that observation. I'm sure LV makes some very nice pieces at a more palatable price point.

    I know of someone who was buying LV prior to Hermes and has gone back to LV. Personally, I left Chanel after many decades due to the number of defects, multiple price hikes a year and lastly every other woman in the DC metro area has a Chanel on her arm or shoulder. And while H is very difficult to purchase, the brand is not without fault -- being promised to no avail; lying about what is in the stock room and rudeness that we've read about on the forum. Where's the happy medium, don't know. I do know that shopping should be a pleasurable experience.
  3. I am sure many people here once carried LV.
  4. I am relatively new to Hermes. My first love is Chanel (and 2 LE LV pieces). Like JMEN, recently, I was turned off by Chanel for the exact same reasons. I still carry the LV and Chanel bags I already own but doubt I will buy anything more from them. In fact, I have started culling my collection in favor of another Birkin. Hermes is it for me. It is not so common and sooooo beautiful!
  5. Same experience for me. I still buy LV RTW but nothing in the handbag department has made me go "wow" for a long time. The only LV pieces I still own are a Sac Louis (with my DD's name inscribed on the inside plaque), an ostrich Alma, and a small gold miroir clutch. Chanel has been sorely disappointing quality and service-wise. The last straw was went I went into a boutique two seasons ago and described a bag I'd seen somewhere, asking if the boutique had it. The sales assistant said "i don't know what you are talking about, tell me the season and the model." C'mon, right? I haven't gone back since. What a pity, considering the tradition of the grande marques!
  6. I do have a few LV bags, but I hold on to them because they are durable and the canvas ones are waterproof. Of course Hermès is my true love, but if I'm going to be schlepping a ton of stuff around, I don't want to stress an H bag.
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    I still love some LV....My next handbag purchase will be the Alma Vernis GM in Rouge Fauviste. I bought my Rouge H Hermes bolide (in place of it) but still lusting for the Alma. Still love ALL of my LV luggage pieces....
  8. I have never been a fan of LV, but decided to get a vintage Speedy because it's a classic and should be in every bag collection.
    Now it's one of my favorite bag, holds a ton without being too overwhelming, it pairs well with my daily outfit (I'm usually in jeans) and it doesn't fear rain or even snow.
    I've learnt my lesson: I don't care anymore if anyone has the same bag I'm carrying, it's mine and it's special to me.
    BTW, I read that in the US the Birkin is becoming extremely popular too.
  9. My true addiction are clothes and shoes!!!
    I still need a functional bag every so often - that match my needs - as a working woman, a mother of 3 young kids : activities include: work, camping, business travel, grocery, vacation... I'm still trying to curate my handbag.
    Only have hermes kelly 32 BB for business meetings and about 10 celine bags , vuitton keepall for travel, givenchy nightingale for travel.
    Im in the process of returning a camel celine luggage mini to fund another kelly gold togo... which again i feel i need as everyday bag and yet can also be formal enough for work!!!

    I still have an LV shoe sac to house my shoes for travel and even want a pegase roller someday...

    Nothing beats LV bags for travel...
  10. This is a very interesting thread and I'm enjoying reading what others have to say! I used to be an LV fanatic. I had many of their luggage pieces and their smaller accessories. However, some observations:
    1. While the monogram canvas itself is very tough, scratches, dirt, and other detritus accumulated on it and these scratches and marks were not easily fixable, despite my submission of them to LV for repair. I was even told, 'you may as well use them until they fall apart, because it isn't worth it to repair them' by LV staff. TBH, and it may seem like heresy to say this, my hard-shell tumi luggage that I use now is much more durable, element-impervious, and all-around better for traveling.
    2. LV zippers have a habit of catching/sticking/needing repair- a potential annoyance, and one which caused me to stop using my luggage.
    3. The gold HW on LV pieces (zippers, key chains, etc) tends to wear off (the plating) pretty quickly and easily (though it must be admitted I never babied any of my LV and used it daily).
    4. I found the water marks, dirt, coloration change (esp on bag handles) and stress on the natural cowhide pieces of my LV to be unappealing and not the kind of patination I was hoping for over time.

    The vast majority of my LV was purchased between 22-15 years ago. Perhaps it is better now. I sold most of it off- the only LV I have now is a monogram checkbook cover and a toilet kit/bag for traveling.

    I am now in the middle of an Hermes addiction. I have a few small leather pieces and a few ties and scarves, but none of the larger bags yet. An H repair official said togo and clemence are the hardest wearing and most durable, and that darker colors hide wear better than lighter colors, so I'm hoping to one day own a black evelyne, jypsiere, or steve to see for myself how it wears. While I like some of the styles of LV, I have to say that the overall, long-term wear and tear-ability of the pieces I've owned has been less than satisfactory and, ultimately, not worth the cost I put in...definitely not the 'lifetime of usability' quality that I keep hearing about regarding H products.

    But that is just my own experience! I'm sure others will have just as valid, contrasting opinions that will be equally helpful!
  11. I have a alma GM in vernis amarante and I still love and use it a lot! It's my rainy day bag because it's so hardy with rains. And love my keepall too!
  12. I used to carry gucci and lv when i was younger. Now I carry mostly prada, hermes and chanel. I am not so much into the logo thing anymore. I did like lv damier because it didn't have the logo but I feel like everyone has it now.
  13. I have nothing against LV, I had several LV pieces but sold them off because they are just not me (just got over these) and realised that I only like epi bags (have an alma and a speedy 35 in a discontinued colour).

    the reason I truly love H is that I can use a bag without having to worry about something breaking or coming apart. after having bought several bags from different brands that quickly developed something problematic, I just got tired of wasting my money.
  14. As my user name suggests, I'm an Hermes guy. Hermes makes sense to me. Their repair service is second to none and the quality is amazing. As previously stated; stock, rudeness and general snobery can be an off putting issue with Hermes. Also I'm a young guy. I'm no millionaire. So until that happens, I've found myself in LV for luggage.

    Like Hermes they offer quality and longevity but gives off a mass market vibe which Hermes avoids. While I've gotten a Steve bag, smaller card holders, agendas, ties and scarves from Hermes, I simply can't afford their luggage. LV fills the void for me. The price points for LV luggage are fair and against Hermes even seem reasonable. I do own Samsonite cases too... let's face it. I'm not putting a €2,500 LV case down below on a plane to be beaten.

    As everyday bags I think LV bags especially the bags which are not Epi, Tiaga and Noxos (i.e. the canvas') look tacky and too feminine for a guy to carry. It only takes a guy with a Monogram messenger to look instantly cheap. I like my Steve bag because 99.9% of the people on the street don't even know it's high end. Even most of my friends don't have a clue. It's the subtlety and discretion of Hermes which makes it truly classic!
  15. I have probably as many LV bags as I do H bags but each serves a purpose in my collection. I love LV Damier for the rain and for travel. That said, I'll probably only be buying H from here on out. :smile: