From Virgin... to 2 weeks!!

  1. my bf just bought me the medium black caviar flap with silver hardware a day before the price increase as a early anniversary present:love:... and its been only 2 weeks and i want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! partly because i dealt with an AMAZING SA (paul at chanel shorthills)

    I am going to go back to school in january and will need a bag that would fit books/notebooks/etc. i was thinking of the gst in white or beige, which one should i get?

    I am also DEFINITELY getting the purple reissue when it comes out in spring (the SA informed me of the diff. colors for the next season as well.. he was sooo extremely super sweet!!!)

    what else can i get? what do you think would be a PERFECT chanel collectiON? how many flaps are too many??

    oh.. and the medallion tote too!! omg!!!!!
  2. As far as a school bag goes you will love the GST. It is anawesome bag and holds a lot. Congrats on your flap. Maybe you should check out the PST too. It's a great medium sized bag in between the flap and GST.
  3. I hear ya! I got 5 bags last month and already planning on getting 2 more :rolleyes:. I have a beige gst and it's beautiful and practical. I think is a better choice for you since white is high maintenance and you are using it for school.
    Yup, the purple reissue sounds amazing :love:.

    They are no such thing as too many flaps!

    The medallion is also sweet, I'm comtemplating a black one right now.
  4. Chanel has so much to offer so take your time when you choose!
  5. Heya...welcome to the club!! I love the Medallion, but I am not sure if it's big enough for school, I know GST is much roomier, you should check out both.

    For flap lovers, there's no such thing as too many flap... heeheee..
  6. Oh no .. a woman can never have too many flaps! I bought the GST in beige and fell in love with it! It's roomy and sturdy ... it was an unexpected GREAT addition to my collection.

  7. Paul is the best SA in the whole world
  8. get each of every classic and then worry about the trendy bags. WOW congrats!!

    I wonder if Im still a Chanel virgin? I have the shoes, sunnies, hat, brooch, makeup and scarf. but no bag

    well, am I?:shrugs:

  9. lolx.. i have sunnies and makeup also.. but still considered myself a chanel virgin until my beloved bf got me my new bag... :p

    and also COMPLETELY agree with getting all the classics first too!! i thnk i am leaning towards a beige gst and then a white medallion!!! ahhh.. i am so in love
  10. Congrats...on the caviar flap...and I know you will love the GST once you get it....Good luck with your classes...
  11. Congrats for receiving a new chanel flap bag, that's a great gift from your bf! Btw, i wuld prefer the GST black due to easy maintenance. If u are choosing a lighter shade, then i will go for beige.

    Well, to begin with or rather starting to increase your appetite for chanel, usually one is not enough. There are some pfers so far i came across has already 30 flap bags...."my jaw dropped"

    If you want to get more chanels, get other flap bag such as jumbo size or med/large size in other colors since u are currently waiting for the purple reissue. Medallion is another choice as well. Such as chanel sunglasses, necklaces, accessories (wallets, etc) can be for your consideration!
  12. With Chanel or the beloved boyfriend???:upsidedown:
  13. The GST is coming out in washed caviar for spring summer, which I hear is even nicer than the regular caviar they have and it's the same price. They say it LOOKS more like lambskin but with the durability of caviar.
  14. I think my fiance needs to meet your boyfriend! Some of you girls are so lucky! My fiance wouldn't step foot in a Chanel store to save his life! Congrats, in my book the boy and the bag are definite keepers :smile:
  15. that sounds cool!