From TOILET WATER to TAP WATER..........gross!!

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    you have to copy paste this into your browser and a video window will pop up.

    But beware, this is gross!! :throwup:

    California wants to take wastewater from the home toilet and purify it in a facility before pumping it back into homes through groundwater/tap.

    Running at full capacity, it will provide enough water to satisfy 140,000 families each year, at a lower cost than relying on imported water from Northern California. It also will reduce the amount of sewage the county dumps into the Pacific Ocean, making beaches cleaner and safer.
  2. I've heard of this when I was in the 5th grade, the teacher showed us graphs and everything, LOL...wonder how many cities have implemented this.....
  3. I bet if you had been drinking it and never knew that it was purified toilet water, you wouldn't think twice about it and wouldn't even notice a difference.
  4. ...i always thought that ALL cities did this. how do they differentiate the water? we took a lab trip to the water treatment plant in my college ecology class and it didn't seem like it was ONLY for toilet water...
  5. We here in Brisbane, Australia are currently in the grip of a severe drought and our dams have until recently been at 15% capacity, we are currently on water restrictions where we have had to reach a target of 140 litres per day per person of water usage.

    Part of the strategy to ensure water supply, our Government has started to build a recycled water pipeline which will take water from our waste water treatment plants and pipe it into our dams. The thought that the water we will end up drinking may have once been in our toilet is not palatable to many and is creating large debate here.

    I for one can't see a problem, the water will be treated before it is added to our dams so the water will be purer than the water that is deposited by runoff, then this water will be treated again before it is used.

    I guess somewhere along the way we have to face that water is too precious a resource to be squandered and if it can be recycled and re-used in a safe manner then I am all for it.
  6. Personally, I'm glad to hear it. Living in OC, not always really sure where we are going to get our fresh water from, especially through the dry years.
  7. So what's wrong with a little mystery? I don't need to know that my water used to be poo water, I'd be happier just knowing that it's water fit for consumption. I was happy munchin' on croquets in Holland until some "scientist" revealed that they were made of horse meat.
  8. Me too. I know Toronto does. There is a 4-stage process and it's pretty thoroughly monitored. They check the quality of the water MANY (I forget the exact figure) times a day. I actually trust water from the tap more than bottled spring water because the bottled water industry is not nearly as regulated. I boil my water first though. :smile:
  9. I thought the majority of towns/cities did this as well. I think it's quite digusting, and that's why I don't drink tap water, I just can't see every little impurity being filtered out.
  10. I'm sure it's clean and sanitized, but the fact that i know it was once waste water grosses me out.
  11. I live in Brissy too... I wholly support recycled water. I'm quite annoyed at people who don't (I mean here in Brissy)... I mean we really have no water at all! Our dams are at an average of around 10 to 15%. I really would take what I can right now.
  12. Helium I am glad to hear that there is another like minded supporter who can see through the rubbish arguments that are being put forward by alarmists.
  13. I thought so, too.
  14. We already do this here,we have to. A lot of our snow pack is shipped via pipeline to Southern California. No big deal, it's all treated before it hits our taps.