From this moment on...I vow....

  1. to post in every thread I see while my husband is on the phone. We just got home from a very romantic dinner and were just about to jump into the hot tub when he got a businness call. NOW I am waiting for him to get off the call....but meanwhile, I am going to post in every thread I see but they will be thoughtful (if not just humorous) posts.....

    Feel free to vow anything you wish in this thread.....
  2. HAHAHA!^You should striptease in front of him and get his AS* OFF THE PHONE WOMAN!
  3. Gee, what a nice romantic moment it is when DH takes a biz call. You can substitute tPF for foreplay.
  4. I agree with Jill go do a striptease! I bet he will hang up in a minute!
  5. Hmmm>where did she go??ROFLMAO!

    Me thinks my idea may have worked??????
  6. ^^
    I hope so. At least someone is getting some..
  7. ^HAHA! I know what ya mean...LOLOLOL!:rolleyes: ;)
  8. Oh no! You too? Well, at least we have nice bags.
  9. ^I have nice bags:yes:

    Oh wait, you mean like handbags?
    Those are okay too!:lol:
  10. ^^
    Boy you can say that again.

    And your handbags are swell, too.
  11. what a silly thing for your husband to do!

    i'd choose a hot tub over business call any day of the week! for my vows...

    not to spend another cent more then i have to!

    i really need to get my act together and save.

    but everything is sooo pretty *sigh*
  12. ^^ROFLMAO!!!:lol:

    sometimes the company here is better, if you KWIM!?:graucho:

    My DH is out of town. . . can you tell!?
  13. ^^
  14. I know, right!?
    I LOVE it when it's the right amount of time, and it usually is - 2-3 nights/week. Just enough time to do whatever I want and then miss him again!
  15. LOL bagnshoo!! I think Im going to have to vow that I'll thank God everyday my hubby dosent take business calls from work when we have business to deal with at home!!:graucho: