From the WOC to the Maxi: What's in Your Back Pocket?

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  1. Fellow TPFers, partly out of curiosity and partly out of my own lack of use, I would love to know what you keep in that outside pocket of Chanel bags! Business cards? Receipts? Chocolate? It seems too small to put a phone in it and two narrow to put anything in it that will stretch it. So my friends, what's in your outside back pocket?! :smile:

    At the moment, my back pocket is empty :-P

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  2. I put 1 Credit/Debit card on there so its easy access for when I need to go through drive through, gas stop, etc...
  3. I would totally do that, but I am trying not to because I've lost a number of cards that way, LOL!
  4. I put my work ID card and my phone. Its a samsung s3 and it only really half fits in but I only put it in there for short periods of time.
  5. Oh wow! I've always wondered what that pocket is intended for because anything other than paper I fear would over stretch it or leave an imprint!
  6. Woc- parking tickets, receipts, anything small n flat
    Jumbo- iPhone
  7. I share your concerns

    I usually put parking tickets for my WOC so I can grab them easily also they are relatively small so they can be totally inside the pocket with no risks of falling out.

    But like you said, most of the time I don't have anything there (for my GST, WOC, m/l and jumbo)

    And I'd like to know how others use it

  8. I love the back pocket of my GST. In it, I have my phone, access card & my office key, and handbag holder.
  9. For my GST, I tried to put anything flat like a thin pack of wet tissue, but yes i'm also afraid to stretch it and weight down the back side of my GST, which will make it even more saggy. So thats the only thing i put in the back outside pocket.
  10. Granted, I feel like caviar back pockets are obviously more sturdy. But aside from paper I don't know what I would put in it! So curious what Chanel intended their use for (looks? Lol) and what everyone else fits!
  11. Metro tickets etc in my woc, very convenient when I need easy access.
  12. i always put my phone inside
  13. I put my iPhone back there on my jumbo.....

  14. Didn't coco Chanel intend this back pocket for quick easy access for tips and transportation fare? Correct me if I'm mistaken.....
  15. That's what I heard too....