From the Spring collection-what do you think?

  1. Of the following bags in the new Coach catalog and for viewing on their website:

    1) large leather gallery tote
    2) Soho large leather satchel
    3) Legacy slim line tote?
  2. 1) Large leather gallery tote- I think it would be great for business or a laptop or something. I prefer the signature.
    2) Soho leather satchel- I like them too, very classic looking.
    3) Legacy slim line- (Katy tote?) I like it but it is too big for my everyday use.
  3. The Legacy Slim Line tote is in the catalog on pages 50-51 online. I don't think it's called Katy. My only concern about this bag is if it has a dogleash collar closure instead of a zipper. Even though I often leave the top of the purse open, I don't like to buy purses that don't have the option of being completely closed.
    I am starting to like the Soho large satchel in camel. I got the Carly large bag in camel for Christmas, but I am considering exchanging it for this bag instead. What do you think?