from the new mini lin line..which bag do u have?


Tell me which one you have!

  1. Mini Lin Speedy

  2. Mini Lin Danube

  3. Mini Lin Bucket

  4. Mini Lin Saumur XL

  5. Mini Lin Boulogne

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  1. thanks! just wanted to take a bag census here! :rolleyes: kinda wanted to see how popular the mini lin line is in this forum! :love:
  2. also...u are welcomed to say something about the bag you have!! do u like it? the ease of using it (e.g: sags?)? would u recommend it to other tPF'ers? thanks!
  3. I just have a cles LOL
  4. i dunno not many tPFers seem to like the mini lin line...
    however i still maintain that i like it!! :biggrin:
  5. comon....i know there are more than a couple who have bags from this line...:hysteric:
  6. I have the Boulogne and I love it.:love: I also have the cles.:yes:
  7. i'd really love the Saumur XL. but it'll be around for a while, so im in no hurry to get one.
  8. so...tomorrow will be the first day i'm going to use my bucket!
  9. I'm going to my nearest Holt/LV store 8 hours away this weekend to check it out!! I'm going for the danube and hoping it looks good and not freakishly small :P
  10. I saw it for the first time last week and I have to admit I didn't like it:shame: We all have different taste and are drawn to variety of styles/shapes etc. Are you unsure about your mini-lin bag?
  11. i thought about the danube..but i don't like messenger-type bags that are too long...hope u like it! ;)

  12. i like the style and the pattern...i'm just unsure whether i'll use it as often as i thought when i bought it.........though i love the damier...the marais struck me as something too old.....i still think the mini lin bucket looks more stylish than the marais!

  13. I have the Bucket..i used it last week and i received a lot of compliments!
    The bag is so soft, classy and casual, i LOVE it.
    However it's a little hard to maintain because is a "tissue bag" and i noticed there are some drawn yarns (it's correct? sorry for my translation!:shame:smile:
  14. what do u mean tissue bag? i just took it out from the box and transferred everything from my damier speedy to it! i even added an accessory!

    when i bought the bag i compared it to another one and i found that there are runs...the SAs told me that it's normal because it's hand made! i think it adds a bit of flavor to it!

    CIMG0994.JPG CIMG0996.JPG CIMG0997.JPG
  15. I just got my Speedy..:s

    Um.. I think it's not durable