From the new catalogue!! :) the pink turnlock agenda, squished frog and shoe keyfobs!

  1. YAY! :smile: I am so glad i have great neighbors who let me have this delivered to their house since i had to work all day :smile:

    SO here they are the new (thanks to handbglvrs pics!!!) pink turnlock agenda! its BEAUTIFUL! gold hardware, gold pen yummy thick leather

    Then here is the shoe keyfob its super cute! :smile: it may have to go on an ergo i have :smile: its just so adorable i cant decide where to put it but i love it! :smile:

    and squish squish the frog! :smile: i love how he looks splatted! i think its too funny! and i didnt realize he was going to be patent too, i love patent in small doses i think he is adorable! :smile:


    and lastly i know i shared mr. tucan but he wanted to say hi with his buddy owl :smile: i thought they were just too cute together so now they both live on my car keys and wanted to say hI! :smile:
  2. Very cute!! You've got quite the animal charm family going on there!! :tup:
  3. Awwww I may have to have MR. Squish Squish!!!! I honestly think he would have made a great TPF mascot!
  4. I love everything! The agenda is gorgeous. Those keyfobs are too cute. You have a lovely set.
  5. Those are sooo adorable! I just love that agenda! I wish it were in a larger size so I could order one! Wonderful choices!
  6. love everything, and i think i need that agenda it's gorgeous.
  7. The frog keychain~IT'S FROGGER!!!! So so cute! Love all your new goodies!
  8. that frog is just too cute...i love that expression on his face
  9. everything is gorgeous and i need that agenda.

    ...hey, what size is it??
  10. UGH! Too cute Bessie! Awesome buys!:tup:

    I LOVE the agenda! The color and leather look so rich!

    And I NEED the frog now after seeing him! I am also going to get my sister one too since its her birthday soon!

    PS: I am DYING to find the owl key chain somewhere! UGH!
  11. Bessie, it's all so darn cute! I love the frog! He's so adorable!
  12. hhe thanks guys! :smile:

    i know the expression on squish squish's face is priceless haha ! :smile: i laugh every time i look at !

    and CitCat you are so right its FROGGER :smile:

    the agenda is 3X5 i love it tho i used to use a big one and found i really didnt need all that space, and now that i use a smaller one its so perfect, fits in all my purses! :smile: amazing!
  13. aw handbglvr! i know the owl is like most wanted coach keyfob i wish he was still around
    (thats why i bought an extra lion and tucan now) cause i have a feeling like the owl give it a year and they will be gone :sad:
  14. Everything looks gorgeous! :tup:
  15. That agenda is absolutely gorgeous, I love the color!! And the frog is so cute, it looks like he's got his little arm up to say: "Noo, please don't squish me!" I've gotta get a frog!