From the "How can they walk in this!?" file

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  1. [​IMG]

    Wow! Now, I've walked in tall heels (3 1/2 to 4 inches being my max) but these make me wonder. Even though it's a wedge, how DOES one walk in this? I'd imagine rocking forward and falling flat on my face.
  2. looks bad but i've done it before...without falling lol
  3. I would give them a try in a second. I saw these earlier in the season (from Report Signature?), and I think they're adorable. I just wasn't sure I could make the sequins work for me. If they were smooth black leather, I would have ordered them in a heartbeat. As for walking in them, I think I would manage just fine. :yahoo:
  4. Yes, those are Report signatures. They have the same shape as a pair of Dior wedges I saw earlier. They just look so awkward to walk in!
  5. haha. yeah, how do they!? :P
  6. i think they're cute.
    and i don't think there will be any problem to walk in them..
  7. I'd try them! I did ballet and still dance quite a bit so I have excellent balance. I think I could handle them.
  8. :confused1: Those don't look hard to walk in at all, apart from them looking heavy. Four inch heels are a breeze to walk in and those, which look like 4 1/2 inches with a 3/4 inch platform would be pretty comfortable, as well. Just because you can not handle high heels does not mean everyone else can't.
  9. These would be really cute with pair of wide-legged jeans that reach the ground. My legs would look a mile long. I wasn't so sure about the red sequins, but now I am reconsidering.
  10. I think they are cute.
  11. You wouldn't just topple over. When you put on a pair of particularly high heels, your body adjusts to balance (and walk in them): Your shoulders go back and your pelvis rocks forward.

    This is why posture is very important while wearing heels.
  12. I suck at walking in all high shoes and those do look like i'd rock back and forth but i think they're very cute.
  13. imagine these:

  14. haha oh my god!! now those are insane!
  15. I could wear those,but only because they're a platform heel!