From the front of LV, Paris 1 week ago

  1. :love: [​IMG]
    Paris 024.jpg
  2. why are those people crowding in front of the store?
  3. Some are just curious and some are awaiting entrance - there are 2 guards as you enter, they take a good look and only allow a certain amount of people in at one time. I just strolled in - no problem -
  4. OMG! It's so huge! 'can't wait to go there this weekend! i hope the SAs are not snooty :smile: thanks for posting this!
  5. No, they are not snooty but you bring your PLEASANT ASsertiveness with you and if everyone seems busy, find someone and ask for help.
  6. Any more pictures? Sounds like a great time!
    Was it chilly weather?
  7. I loved the weather, just a thin jacket and a neck scarf for the wind. For me (I live in Miami) it was heaven. Of course, as I write this, it's warmer there already! I prefer Paris in the spring and fall.- I even love it in the dead of winter - the winter light is luminous!!!! I have more photos but no more of LV.
  8. I heard that the security guards will let people in if you go straight to the front and are dressed the part (ie don't look like a "tourist").

    Is this true?

  9. I can't wait till my summer vacation!
  10. Man that store is huge! Great picture!
  11. Yeah.....that store is so huge!!!! If I live in Paris, I think I will be visiting the store every single day even if I don't buy anything.
  12. Agreed ! :amuse:
  13. Thanks for sharing the photo. I get excited just seeing the pic. I can't wait to go one day! Thanks again. Where's the photo of you with your LV box?! :smile:
  14. The LV store will definitely be the first store I'd visit when I go to Paris someday. I'm just afraid that when I go in I'll never come out. :biggrin:
  15. its like the mothership door!!! come in my PF members! hehehe!

    thanks for sharing the pic! :smile: