From the dead - Saumur 35

  1. I bought a saumur 35 off eBay a year ago. It really smelled b/c it came from a smoking house. So I decided to try to get the smell out w/ fabreeze and well what a big mistake it messed up all my leather. :cursing: When it dried it started to crack (not like it was in good condition to begin with).

    A week ago I casually asked my SA would I be able to replace all the leather and he said yeah it'll be $5XX. I'm excited but now I'm worried to bring it in just in case they think it's a fake, but I'm like 99% sure it's not the date code and everything looks legit. What would they do to authenticate it. :confused1: the SA at my LV are all pretty new. Everything I ask them they know nothing about, not the old bags not the new bags, it's really annoying, even the manager didn't know some stuff. (This has to do with the german customs post that has me worried)
  2. if it is fake n the sa couldn't tell it is fake, when they shipped it in to get fix they will know for sure. but anyways if u are sure its real go get it fixed.
  3. If you want, you can take pics of the bag [front/back/sides, interior, strap, trademark heat stamp, date code] and post them in the authentication thread in the LV Shopping section. We'll be more than happy to authenticate it for ya! ;)
  4. Hope everything works out with your bag.