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  1. If you have not yet looked check out Chloe's website for the new handbag styles/colors for spring and summer 2006.

    I found this picture and am now kicking myself for getting the anthracite when I saw these 2 new spring bags.

    I love the blue bag in the picture; I wonder what color that is? Does anyone know?

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  2. Maybe I am color blind...:weird: that "blue" bag, is it actually the silver or anthracite?

    Either way, I love the small black one with the silver hardware...that is exactly what I have been hoping for. :biggrin:

  3. same here, i never liked the other padlock, i wished it came in silver. this is the first time i'm actually considering a paddy..
  4. I am so in love with that baby!:love:
  5. Chloe is coming out with a beautiful blue color (same as my font color here) for the Spring. I saw pictures of the bags yesterday at Gretta Luxe. Most of the bags will be available in this blue color, but alas, not all of them.

    If I were to get another Chloe Bag, this is probably the color I would get as it's very versatile ... would look fab with Jeans, but also dressed up.

    I still like the Bronze/Gold metallic Silverado Doctor's tote though ... I think I'm destined to get that one, but I'm reluctant because I already have the Tan one.

    I need medication to stop my addiction!
  6. ^^yes, please share the handbag addiction medication. First I got a Silverado Dr bag for my birthday; now, I bought the anthra I want a Mulberry Roxy (off topic) and now that I saw these pics I want that paby paddy in black with the silver hardware.

    Oh, and I am on the reserve list for the anthra paddy wallet when NAP gets them me I can't stop. :nuts:
  7. Loganz ... totally know where you're coming from!!!! I have so many bags, heck ... I could probably open up an Accessories store!!! The (kind of) funny thing is that, believe it or not, I actually know someone who's worse than me (then again, she works retail at Barney's, so she's constantly exposed to the latest & greatest!).

    The only good thing is that everyone always tells me that my bags look so great, even if I've had them for a long time. Reason: I have so many that I switch them around a lot. Therefore, they don't get used as much and can then retain their "new" look for a longer period of time!

    One thing that I have to say for L/V though ... those babies last!! I have some items that were given to me by an aunt (who was a MAJOR L/V aficionado) that are 20-30 years old ... and they still keep on ticking! Some of them are old styles that L/V doesn't make anymore (oldies but goodies). When I was in France last year, some of the L/V folks actually told me that some of the old pieces are more valuable now because they aren't made anymore (like my L/V "combo" Travel/Passport Zip Wallet); this piece will NEVER get sold (at least my me!).

  8. Good for you!!! Most of us would love your allowance!:love:
  9. Just because I want all those bags (roxy and baby paddy); does not mean I will get them right away. :noworry:

    CeeJay - I personally think the vintage LV's are timeless and beautiful. The way they age/patina is remarkable; they are like fine wine. I only hope that the Chloe bags I have recieved so far will stand the test of time as well. The anthracite was a break away for me; typically I stray from the trendy bags so that my collection can always be used/worn. It sounds like you have a grand collection; I will go to the bag showcase to see them, are they there?
  10. No Loganz ... alas, my "collection" (with the exception of a few bags) hasn't been photographed because my digital camera (while great at taking small pictures (for my jewelry) ... totally STINKS when trying to take pictures of larger objects (good thing the H/B brings his Nikons when we go on Holiday!).

    I totally agree with you on the vintage L/V's ... frankly, I seem to prefer some of the older styles versus some of the 'contrived' L/V of today ... especially the ones that look so much like Marc Jacobs handbag line (although I was on a L/V 'spree' for a bit, and did breakdown and get a Murakami Speedy, a Monogram Theda GM, the Monogram Ambre Cabas Neo and the Monogram Denim Baggy GM bags). I TOTALLY LOVED :love: the Trompe L'oeil L'Extravagant that Uma Thurman was carrying around last year, and saw it when vacationing in France, I REALLY wanted it but since I was with the H/B ... he went nuclear when they told me the price! Frankly, I kind of agreed with him ... it was really too expensive!.
  11. Does anyone know if there will be a baby paddy in the whiskey color?
  12. Out of curiosity CeeJay, what does your husband consider the upper ceiling for a handbag?

    Mine says that anything over 2K is not acceptable. :shame:

    Although I told him that certain bags do not depreciate he says that if I was a true collector then I would not use the bags. :suspiciou
  13. I realize most of us would not purchase every thing we want at once!
  14. So true, but it is nice to dream :smile:
  15. Hee Hee ... that funny :nuts: ! My husband would probably think anything over a few dollars is too much! In other words, he has no clue! Half the time, I do my shopping WITHOUT him ... otherwise, I probably wouldn't have any clothes (or jewelry!). However, he can drop some major bucks on his Land Rover (and accessories); in other words, to each's one ... right?!?

    In some regards, your husband is right about being a "collector". However, I think it depends on the item being collected. I've been collecting contemporary jewelry for over 20 years now, and one of my criteria is that is has to be able to be worn. Anything collected that in the "wearable" category, should be able to be worn ... however, chances are you are going to be a little more careful with it. I always hated it when my mother would put stuff into the safety deposit box ... after all, what's the sense in having it then?