From the C side or the E side of Chloe?

  1. I recently received a black paddington tote and was surprised by one thing: the barrel on the side gusset was on the E end of the Chloe rather than on the C end like the other Paddies I own? If anyone who owns this model/color can confirm, I would be grateful. I am not sure if this is a variation in the more recent Paddies or if it is a red flag. Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Sorry, I meant this bag had the gusset was on the C end of the Chloe rather than on the E end like the other Paddies I own. This is a little confusing... :confused1:
  3. I checked all of mine, and they are all on the "e" end.
    I am curious also, as we know Chloe isn't the best on quality control :upsidedown:
  4. Not quite sure what you mean. Can you please clarify? Maybe a pic? thanks!
  5. Yes, if you look at the picture below, you will see that the barrel is from the C side of the Chloe imprinted on the gusset.
    Chloe gusset.JPG
  6. Here - I made a picture - juvenile,
    but hopefully you can follow my drawing :supacool:
  7. Thank you Chicbags! Hopefully, some more people can confirm this...
  8. No one? I really need help with this. If anyone could take a minute to look at their bag and let me know, I would appreciate it so much! :flowers:
  9. All of the paddington bags I've cycled thru have the barrel on the E side....!
  10. I looked at my Paddys (all 5) and all the barrels are on the e side.
  11. Thanks so much ladies! Anyone else can take a minute to check?
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