From Texas to MOCA! Lots of pics!

  1. Yes, I know it's a long way to fly for a handbag, but it was well worth the trip. The art was breathtaking! My daughter & I spent hours looking at everything. I was only going to buy one neverfull, but when the SA stated that even NYC would not have bags at their Murakami show, I changed my mind & bought 2. My daughter really wanted a pillow, & they were still out of the smaller size, so I bought the larger one for $95. That's alot, but she wanted it as part of her Xmas presents. And John, do you notice an extra flower pin? Guess who that's for? We also went on a tour of LA, Hollywood, & Beverly Hills by limo & then spent a day at Disneyland. Hope you enjoy the pics:
    Here's my daughter & I at Disneyland! It was so beautiful & decorated for Xmas:
    I'm glad to be home! I missed everyone on the forum.
  2. What a haul! Thanks for sharing!
  3. wow! u lucky girsl! congrats!

    now- what will u do with 2 of those beautiful bags?!!!!! i want one!!!!!
  4. wowwwww such a great day for u and ur daughter :yes:
    thanks for the pics! i esp love the kakaikiki pin and doll!

    they're not going to have the bags at NY? i wonder if they won't have this one and got a new design or just they won't have any LV store at NY :sad:
  5. K, you look FAB as usual and the purchases are awesome! :tup:

    Thanks SOOOOOO much!!!! Now I won't have to ask a tPF member from Cali to get me a Murakami flower pin from the MOCA exhibit. :p We also have to meet up again soon to do lunch before the holidays!
  6. LUCKY YOU! thanks for sharing. that Leo Stephen looks just as fab as the owner ;)
  7. Thanks everyone! The SA said they would not have the LV store in NYC. :crybaby:She said that MOCA would not be receiving anymore of the MC agendas, & she expected to sell out of the MM's very soon. They were still out of the GM size, & even sold the GM display models. :nuts:
  8. Wow what a great haul. Congrats on all your stuff, it's gorgeous!
  9. :blush: Thanks! :biggrin: Oh, it's the Adele.
  10. :sad: but also kinda relieved LOL because i don't have to spend more money on the murakami collection :p
    wow, the exhibit is still few months away and they already ran out of stuffs. luckily i already got my GM :smile:
    i wonder if they're still producing more as we speak now
  11. I love that pillow!!!!
  12. Lucky you to have been there and gotten the chance to get the LEs. Very nice purchases. Congrats.

    Love your Adele too!
  13. Congrats!
    Aw, your daughter got a shirt! I wanted one when I was there but they only had really large sizes. I guess they got another shipment!
  14. oops... :shame: i meant Adele. i wasn't really a fan it till now :yes:
  15. You are sooooo lucky...
    Congrats on a fun LV trip !!