From Since When Is It Ok For PFers To Sell Fakes Simply B/c They Are Not Calling it..

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  1. I find this is ridiculous. So what if the member is not claiming these to be LV, they are fakes period! Isn't this exactly one of the reasons we're here for...the combined agreement that fakes are wrong! The bags are exact replicas of authentic LVs...obvious fakes....but fakes nonetheless. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
    I don't care if you price them at 1 cent...they are NOT priced appropriately....they belong in the garbage or where ever it tickles your fancy...not being resold further adding to the whole brand infringement saga. Shame on you!
  2. do you know the seller? maybe they are new to the forum and dont know its fake.. ? :shrug:
  3. It is shameful, but that person has been a member since May and has only made like 15 posts, so it's not like an established member is doing this.
  4. how do you know the seller is a member here? you don't have to state who it is, it's probably not a good idea for privacy reasons. i do agree that it's wrong to sell fakes, even if they are not advertised as LV.
  5. :wtf:
  6. Ok, ok. Before we become a torch-carrying lynchmob... let me just say that this discussion must be kept under control.

    Thanks :yes:
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  8. I would also like to know how you know that this ebay seller is a TPF member??
  9. Pfer ???
  10. ^^ She uses the same name here as she uses for her store. If you seach for that name, you'll even see another pic of her dog in her profile (the same dog you see on the eBay page).
  11. if you do a search in the members name you'll find one.

    I believe i've made that connection...:shrugs:
  12. maybe the seller got burned on ebay and came to PF to authenticate them. rather than lose money should could sell them to people who want fakes.... and yes there are people out there who want fakes. just my two cents
  13. Regardless... selling fakes is WRONG! they shouldnt be part of the forum if they feel its ok to sell fakes.

    thought we were against fakes here?
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