From Russia with Love - plus more-photos

  1. As you ladies know I went to London today to see spys plus other things. This is what I found. Their is still not a great deal in the shops but found this beautiful LE Russian spy, that is what they are calling it.

    Its in Blueberry leather and has these boarders risen up on the bag tried to photo it but has not come out that great. Their are risen up bumps on the colour bit these are half circle leather done in about 20 colours fused together really is stunning bag. Tried in on and was very tempted (still am) but its £3,400 about $7,000 but is truely a lovely bag.

    Saw the Patent Leather one in 3 shops, not for me but have included pictures. Very stiff and hard and the leather looks cracked. Its a stunning bag from a distance but not to feel or hold in my opinion but then I am funny about patent bags anyway. I put the black leather and the patent side by side would go for the leather one, now thats a lovely bag.

    Also saw the Blueberry and baby Blueberry, I have been asked a lot if I think the Petrol is the same as the Blueberry and have to say after seeing them I would say more or less yes. The Blueberry is the most lovely bag so those of you who did not get a Petrol get a Blueberry, the difference I feel with the Blueberry is its a lot more shiney because its been treated to stop fading this when held in a different light gives it purple undertones but I think this is like I said because its been treated and the Petrol has not. Also saw the baby which is also a lovely bag very cute retail £675 where the spy is £1,100
    131_3165.JPG 131_3166.JPG 131_3163.JPG 131_3164.JPG 131_3162.JPG
  2. And some more these were taken under direct fluoresent light
    131_3161.JPG 131_3159.JPG 131_3160.JPG
  3. As you ladies can see under flouresent light the Blueberry has a purpleish look but in real life its Navy blue. A beautiful stunning bag would recommend anyone thinking of getting a spy to get this one
  4. Gorgeous piccies Saitch :smile:

    I love how the blueberry seems to take on different guises under different lights, its stunning
  5. fnks so much 4 da info and im thinkin of gettin da blueberry spy now uve totally convience me.
  6. Thanks for the great pics and feedback!
  7. Lovely.
  8. The black patent is HOTTttttttt :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for the photos, Saich
  9. Oooh, thanks for the pictures! I like the embroidered blueberry, but would love it if it was a wisteria blueberry. The little round things keep making me think of clams. The Blueberry Bauletto is adorable. I should really consider getting one of those now in a different color! Thanks for the pics again and hope your trip was fantastic!!!! ;)
  10. Thanks for posting the pics Saich. The "From Russia With Love" bag looks interesting. I wish I could see it in's very hard to judge some of the LE bags from photos. Some times you think a bag looks just ok in a picture....then you see it IRL and are totally blown away by it.
  11. Opnjmprs you are quite right regarding this LE, the photos do not do the bag justice. The workmanship on the bag is amazing, I was also walking round the shop with the bag and it just look out of this world.

    BalenciagaLove, yes it is like little clams made out of tiny pieces of leather thats how my SA thought of it......Lol its not everyones cup of tea and I would not normally go for such an over the top bag, but this bag works. The baby Blueberry was really lovely to.
  12. Saich you are a walking Spy Dictionary. Thanks soooo much for posting these - I love that Russian Blueberry! love it. When your sequinced one comes in if you dont like it I reckon you should go for this
  13. Saich you are one fabulous Fendi reporter!! :yes: Thank you so much sweetie for taking the time to photograph these gorgeous Spies!!! :winkiss: You have certainly convinced me to go for the Blueberry as my next purchase!! The Russian Spy is out of this world...could that be a possible next purchase for you?? I think you should go for it if you can!! ;)
  14. Great pictures. Thanks for posting them.
  15. Thanks for the pics!