From Russia with Love...Pictures with Goldie

Oct 24, 2007
Back from Russia and special thanks to everyone for their well wishes for a great vacation and for our safe return...special thanks to SwirlyGirly for making the reservations for my family at Cafe Pushkin and Turandot in, great food and ambience for sure! We went back to Cafe Pushkin for our last night to celebrate my son's 12th was his choice! During our first dinner at Cafe Pushkin...our H Adonis greek god...emailed my blackberry with some happy wife's BJ Togo with PHW arrive...pick up or delivery he asked? My wife's in heaven!

LuvBolide: The Ballet Gala at Mariinsky Theater was out fo this world...the Dying Swan number stole my heart and the boys! The Turandot...the highlight for me was not the middle of the Nessum Dorma...the singer choked! I was horrified and disappointed as it was my most awaited song!!! My oldest DS turned to DW and whispered "no he didn't"...YES he did! WAAAAaaaaa!!! But the costumes and the production were over the top, just as I like it, if anything. Boys didn't really appreciate the opera that much.

It snowed Dr. Zhivago style in St Pete's and it was just lovely! Deux Armoires and're right! The sights are indeed amazing! Tsarkoe Selo and Pushkin with snow carpeting was out of this world!!! The troika ride at Pushkin was something to remember! No snow in Moscow...the weather difference between the two cities can be night and day...and the weather in St. Petersburg changes every 15 minutes...

The Hermes store at GUM is specially big but you ladies were right...hyperinflated price! no special Hermes souvenir for my wife until tomorrow via UPS!!! Pictures of some actions shots with Goldie and views of Russia.

The ostentatious display of weath is over the top...Maseratis, MB S550s, BMW 750s, wow wow...the birkins we saw are mostly black and etoupe...Hey, Castrony: men carried their 50 cm birkins with class...and looked so good in Etoupe as well with silver hardware...very masculine and confident looking! The guy next to our hotel room knew my wife and I were looking at his Birkin and he smiled at us back.

Aminiamina: we would like to return again for another visit but so many more countries to see and culture to experience. Our boys loved the Aurora Battleship and shopping for communist era memorabilia. No major shopping for my wife just 3 fabrege eggs imitation! And lots of chocolates from our hotel in St. Petes.

Some pictures of a university in St Petes with the blue bldg, next 3 pictures are with Mrs P and our boys with their Russian military hats in front of the Hermitage and last, Goldie in front of St. Basil.

Thank you everyone for your well was indeed a very memorable vacation for us and now we are back safe and sound and waiting for Jeannie to arrive tomorrow to join her sisters Rougie, Parchie, and Goldie!:tup:We will post a family picture! PP:tup::yes:



Jun 23, 2007
Welcome home!! Glad you had a great memorable trip!!! Love the action shots of mrs. P with goldie!!


Jan 22, 2006
:heart::heart: Thank you for the photos! Your wife looks stunning with her coat and goldie!!!! She always looks so beautifully put together... Is that you and your little boy with the LV bags?

The sights look gorgeous, and can't wait to see Jeannie and the family photo!

Thank you, petpringles!


Jan 18, 2006
Welcome back!!! Those pics are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!!! So glad you had an amazing time!


Working mom of 3
Oct 31, 2007
Welcome back, PP!! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! Love the photos of DW, she is gorgeously fashionable as always!! Can't wait to see the BJ birkin!! Yeah!! More pics to come!


permanent vacation
Aug 28, 2007
Close enough
Thanks for the pics and the story, so glad you enjoyed your trip! I should go, too, it's just a one hour flight and DH has been there several times, I ought to join him. I just have to overcome my slightly anti-Russia sentiments...:shame:
Aug 27, 2006
Wow Pet, Nice trip, beautiful wife with gorgy coat and great bag! (the picture of her holding the camera with her is TDF!) I must say I love's a forum of contrasts...what a glimpse into what to most people is but a mere fantasy lifestyle. Thanks for the visit!:tup:
Oct 24, 2007
Family pictures...the Mr. and Mrs. Petpringles with our in Pushkin...a Dr. Zhivago vacation indeed!

Second front of the Hermitage...this can give the Prado and Louvre a run for their money...for sure...we could have spent days there!

Third picture...with Mrs. P and the background is St. Basil in Moscow.

Very hard to select between Moscow and St. Petes as they are so different and have thier own charm.

Cheers! PP:yes::tup:



J'adore Hermes
Dec 16, 2006

Love this photo with goldie just peeking out at the bottom. Sounds like you had a great time. If you come to the South of France this summer, be sure to visit the Russian Cathedral in Nice as well as the Hermes store!

Congrats on your BJ Birkin - that was good timing as it sounds a bit expensive in the Russian store, something for your wife to look forward to on your return.