From RM newbie to addict in one day...

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  1. Hi everyone! Well, thanks to this board, I have become obsessed with getting an RM bag. Yesterday I ordered a black/blue matinee on bluefly, and today I ordered a black basket weave MAM from label360! There is no way I can keep both (especially since they're both black) -- I'm pretty sure the matinee is going back, since I wanted a mini all along. I'm so excited about scoring a basketweave, and the customer service at label360 is awesome! They let me use the toutie30 code even though the bag is a presale, so it came out to $385! I can't wait until it arrives!
  2. Congrats that is a great find! I immediately livechatted Elise at label360 to find out what she had in stock and she said that the black basketweave MAMs are in the mail and she has one left avail if anyone wants to nab it!

    She also said that the fall colors will be avail for presale starting next week! The colors are white, sea green, persimmon, noir, iris, green, forest green, dark brown, cloud grey, blush - I believe desiprincess mentioned these in another post. Unfortunately, no color samples are avail yet so we cant see them as of now, but doubtless it will be another frenzy! :P
  3. ^ sold out :sad:
  4. OMG.. i want a black basketweave... BUT also want to see the other colors..
    I cant afford two or more bags..since ive already preordered a MAB tangerine.

    Ive just chatted with elise... there is no black basketweave anymore. But i have left my emailaddress, if there is one available she will contact me.
  5. funkylala has them (mini/regular) but without discount as far as i know.
    Too expensive for me.
  6. That bag is seriously haute. Congrats to those who snagged one up! Its definitely one of my favorites!
  7. i am kicking myself for not calling sooner
  8. shopbopchic: I dunno if it is worthwhile but Elise said that they were able to get more of the bag due to high numbers requests, I wonder if with some campaigning with them like the ladies did with RM, that they can try to get even more?
  9. i am seriously sad. this was my HG bag. :sad: i swear i've been looking for it everywhere and i can't afford to pay full price because i also plan on buying a prefall bag and probably many more RMs after this.

    snuffles,that's what she said to me too but i think they made a limited batch for each online store. i am crossing my fingers that they will get more but not trying to get my hopes up too much.
  10. Congrats! It's very easy with RM to go from newbie to addict in no time..;)
  11. Congrats, shazi!! Post pics when you get them! We will help you decide! [​IMG]
  12. Congrats Shazi!!

    you say that nw... but i'm going to bet that once those bags come you can't give up either :biggrin:
  13. Congratulations on ordering your first RM bag! I am totally having the same thing happen. I became obsessed with the RM on another forum, and came here when it was suggested to me in order to nurture my new obsession. LOL! I think that RM has risen to my favorite brand above Botkier. I was going to purchase a Botkier until the RM Night/Gold Crackle was on my arm and I was sold. Enjoy your bag when it arrives. :smile: Post pictures!
  14. so label360 sold out all the MA's in black w/ basketweave?!