from ring to necklace?

  1. Hi everyone:smile:
    I have a question that I am sure someone will help me out with. I have a ruby (my birthstone) and diamond ring that DH gave me for our second christmas together. Now many christmases late i hardly ever wear it as it is too big. It holds a lot of sentimental value and I would never sell it. My question is: can I turn it in to a pendant for a necklace? Is this difficult and how much would it cost? I will post picks of it when I get batteries for my camera, but for now I will try and describe it. I has a emerald cut ruby with 3 tiny diamonds set in a triangle on each side <o> Kind of like that lol, but with the different shape in the middle.
    Please help as I would really like to wear my ruby.
    Ring is to big to be taken in (yes, DH did not do well on the size...)!!