From reluctant to Chanel owner, to Chanel hoarder, anyone??

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  1. Hi Guys!

    Ok the new forum is a little funky, but pretty awesome as I navigate through it.

    You guys have watched me grow up over the past couple of months from a little Chanel baby to definitely sprouting up on Chanel steroids. Remember that pixie dust I said must come with Chanel? I am a true believer. SO MUCH SO that the other bags (not cheap ones, def on par with Chanel prices) look kinda hum-drum. They're not, but I find myself sort of looking at them, where I WAS drooling, and now go, "oh.....".

    They just don't have the excitement of my new raucous (in a good way) Chanel family.

    So, any of you guys who were gaga over your other stuff end up selling it all and going 100% Chanel?
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  2. You are so funny; welcome to the world of Chanel. They do colors and new collections so well, it's hard not to get sucked in. I remember saying once upon a time that very $$$$ bags were not any better than my mid priced items. But for some reason, I don't use any of those at all. I only have eyes for Chanel these days.
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  3. I definitely don't feel as pizazz-y in other bags now!! What a curse! (not)
  4. This is me! Chanel steroids - that's funny. (Insert laughing hysterically emoji)

    I still have a lot of LV, but when it's time to rotate handbags, I just never reach for them anymore... at all. Hence, I'm slowly selling them as I go (prolly off to buy a new Chanel). They're just gathering dust - even the really pretty ones that at one point I was so excited to buy.

    You are not alone. (Insert alien emoji)
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  5. In terms of new bags, I find myself craving Chanel probably 80% of the time. It's like a disease. Every time I make the mental list that I only need one or two more specific Chanels, I find myself amending it.

    But I do still have a couple of other designer loves and I definitely rotate all my bags. I like variety :smile:
  6. Chanel is my favorite, but I keep around a few other labels because they are practical (for instance, my Céline trios are great for travel and hitting the playground with kids; Prada saffiano and LV coated canvas are indestructible in the rain, blah blah blah.) I think of selling a few but then I think, I can´t have ONLY Chanel. Sometimes you need under-the-radar brands or less delicate materials.
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  7. I just purchased my first Chanel bag, a pre loved black caviar clutch with chain and I absolutely love it. I have a lot of LV bags and still like them, but I realize I love how classy and understated my one and only Chanel is. I carried it for the first time the other day and I felt like a real lady. Like this is a "handbag" not a purse. It does not scream it's name, but you know it's well made and sophisticated. I realize I don't like the monogram of LV as much, and will probably only purchase bags that do not have the LV moniker all over it. But alas, I am already planning my next Chanel. I simply adore the classic bags. Sigh!
  8. Tracey you're hilarious!! I remember your first post about being underwhelmed and look where you are now!!! Lol didn't we all say Chanel is like crack??!! I'm in the same boat of selling off all my other designer bags and going all Chanel it's so bad I have SAs In every major department store that carries Chanel and also at my closest boutique
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  9. Isn't it just awful and awesome all at the same time? I have these amazing LV higher end bags (in the malletage) that I just LOVED and now it's like. Oh. You're just not that special anymore. You don't make me feel quite as pretty and special as my Chanel.

    At first I was like ok. We will mix. And now. No. The Chanel's are eating the others!
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  10. I am still into the early dating phase on the emotional high! Everything else looks blah right now. But I will NEED to be able to bring back in some other designers when Mr Chanel and I are in a more calm and stable long term relationship ;)

    But because of Chanel my tastes have changed. So I think going forward the other designer bags will be different than the ones I have now. So ugh. The purge is on!
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  11. I think Prada is great for exactly that! I had never gotten an LV mono anything until this year. I just couldn't make myself like it! And then I got a bag and it smelled like plastic. (I think it's the newer canvas). So I am going to baseline my new taste and new bag wardrobe with my happy pretty sexy Chanel's and then get other bags to complement it! The ones I have now sort of don't. Off they go!
  12. See?? It changes everything. I so didn't expect that. I was like ok I have everything. A wide assortment of awesomeness. And slowly but surely, the assortment went further and further to the back. And then I asked myself. Self? When would you pull one of those bags when you've got all these pretties staring at you? And the answer was. Um. I won't. Buh-bye. Omg. Now I have like 8 or 9 or something. It's horrible. I am done. Stick a fork in me. This lady is TROUBLE!
  13. Omg I am such a crazy bat! Can you believe? I stayed the course and had to know what all you other ladies were doing. I was super FOMO. I've never smoked crack before (I drank enough in my past to drown the state of Texas) but from what I hear, I think this just MIGHT be better.

    I'm making excuses for why I don't like the other ones anymore. Half are true and half are total bs. Like oh the shoulder strap is a little slippery. Yes! I hate this bag. If I sell this I can get another C.H.A.N.E.L. Or as my Euro-fab SA at the Houston boutique kept saying "but eets Cha-nellllll daaaaaaah-ling". Esp when I broke out my Gucci wallet. "Oh daaaaah-ling. Zis is not Cha-nellll?"!!! I knew I was in trouble!!
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  14. I love this "going all chanel!"

  15. ba hahahaha! your SA sounds ahhhmazinggg daaah-ling!!! better get rid of that gucci wallet asap. LOL
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