From Pennsylvania???

  1. Is there anyone on tPF from Pennsylvania???? Just wondering. Everyone is talking about these great tPF parties, and I can't go, caz I am from Pennsyltuckey. :shrugs:

    So share where in Pennsylvania you are from...if you like. I'm from Coudersport--yeah I had never heard of it until I had to move here.
  2. C'mon! Is no one from Pennsylvania????
  3. That just makes me sad that there is no one on this entie forum that is from PA!!! That sucks!!!!
  4. i used to live in malvern in the 80's...outside of philly! sorry in atlanta now.
  5. Well, I'm not from there but my husband is. :smile: Not sure that makes you feel any better though. lol

    I loved it there when I visited. It's beautiful and reminds me a lot of Washington State where we live. Except it's more humid.

    My MIL and SIL just moved out to Seattle from Hawley, PA. Big lifestyle change, that's for sure.
  6. I live in Pittsburgh.
  7. ^^^Cool!!! I used to live in a city about 1 1/2 hrs. away from Pittsburgh, now I am closer to the New York border.
  8. I'm in Philly for the next two years, finishing law school.
  9. I've lived in Pa all my life. Currently, I'm about 20 minutes away from the King of Prussia mall.
  10. That's cool^^^Gorgeous bags btw in your avatar! Awesome colors!
  11. I am not from PA but I now (and soon officially) will be a resident. I was born in Annapolis, MD and lived there for 18 years and in Baltimore for 17 years so I consider myself a Baltimorean! But my fiance is from Harrisburg and I am moving there now. Does that count!?!?
  12. ^^^Yup!!! Welcome (in advance) to PA!!!! You will like it in harrisburg...there are outlets there...hehe
  13. I lived in Philly for grad school and just moved back home to California last year. I MISS the shopping over there! I practically lived at KOP mall, and my apartment was down the street from Saks. Philadelphia will always hold a special place in my heart :heart: . I still have friends in Philly and my BF's family is in Collegeville, so I still go back.
  14. That's cool^^^ Thanks for posting everyone!
  15. I was born in Camp Hill, PA. My parents grew up in Scranton and my grandmother still lives there (as do many of my older relatives). My uncle is a professor at Penn State in State College and his wife works in Admissions and both of their kids go to PSU. Lots of PA ties...but I don't live there.