From Paris With Love...

  1. Congrats on your first purchase!! Nude patent goes with everything, my nude bananes are my favorite pair.
  2. Congrats for the first one [​IMG]
  3. Congrats... Those will def give you some height! Let's see some mod pics. How comfy and is it easy to walk in?
  4. congratulations on your first pair and such a wonderful occasion! your ring is amazing :hbeat: more modeling pics of the ring and new CL's please! :yahoo:
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  6. Congratulations on your first pair! They're beautiful!
  7. Congrats these are just amazing!!!!
    Love them... can't wait to see mod pics!!

    Also congrats on your engagement!!
    Your ring is very beautiful!!
  8. Congrats on your engagement and the shoes!
  9. These are fab!