From NM @Natick Collection - 3 bags xtra 25% off

  1. There was one brown cambon reporter or camera bag - I have seen this style called by both names.

    Also, a beautiful diamond stitch purple flap - I know this one came down to $1010 because I came very close to buying - it is TDF!

    Then there was a very large black bag. I don't know the name or price but it had a short handle and it zipped at the top.

    Hope this helps someone!:yes:
  2. the diamond stitch sounds beautiful and well-priced!

    thanks for posting!
  3. diamond stitch purple flap? wonder what that looks like!
  4. I am not sure if that is the name of it. That was what I found in the resource library. I know have a pic of the large leather bag. I took the pic at Bloomies but it is the same bag at NM.

    leather bag.jpg
  5. thank you for letting us know :tup:
  6. That's a gd deal! Thanks for sharing~