From Netherlands With Love Reveal, Special Thanks to Jessicalistic!!!!!!


Apr 23, 2011
Dear tpf'ers..

First of all i would like to thank a very special person here on tpf, without whom this reveal would never take place.. Everybody knows her well
- Jessicalistic:hbeat: She has helped me to trace the last Kusama yellow speedy in her city, while here in Istanbul they are long gone...

I couldn't take the trigger while they were available here in Istanbul, instead i went with more practical bag: de speedy b 35. I love this bag very much and happy that i bought it but i had a big regrets of not buying kusama yellow speedy when i had a chance..

Totally unexpected and unplanned purchase of my the most wanted bag ever... Kusama yellow speedy:love: I would like to thank Jessicalistic one more time for letting me live the happy excitement of awaitining the bag and the happiness of unwrapping it and finally holding her firmly in my hands:smile:

I guess i wouldn't appreciate the bag as much as i would get her directly from local store..

from now on I'm a happy owner of my 2nd Kusama piece, oleeeeee!!!!! yahooo!!!!

presenting you- my brand new KUSAMA yellow speedy:yahoo:

I need to be honest- i missed so much the beautiful smell of brand new vachette leather...

thank you all for letting me share my happiness.. and thank you to TPF that we can share our love for LV and make friends across the world regarding guys rock:tpfrox:


Jul 14, 2012
That was so sweet of Jessicalist to do!! Congrats on a beautiful Kusama and it looks great on you..I am glad you were able to get the Kusama speedy!


Feb 8, 2012
Beautiful, in so many ways!! Congrats Safida, on fulfilling your Kusama dream! Cheers to the amazing J'listic!