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  1. question - if you have a kelly in ruthenium hardware, what color metal is the interior zipper?

    a question was posed on the bolide thread regarding getting the bolide in ruthenium hardware. the hardware on a bolide consists of the semi-obscured strap hoops, the lock and the zipper. the zipper is really the primary metal on the bolide, so the question is, does hermes make zippers in ruthenium?
  2. I would be very interested to know this too.
  3. Very interesting. I'd suppose it is ruthénium as well. I mean, who are we?????
  4. oh, and i guess the answer would effect the paris bombay, trim and the lindy as well, along with a host of other shoulder bags i'm not familiar with.
  5. oh, and the plume!

    does anyone have any zipper bags in ruthenium??
  6. ????
  7. I mean we are worth it.
  8. ^^lol:yes:
  9. ok, ok.....woke Ms. Kelly Black Box with RH to see what metal the zipper was on the inside. it is ruthenium too. :yes:
  10. I would imagine what ever the hardware it should all be the same...????:confused1:
  11. well in my mind this settles it that yes, hermes does produce zippers in at least ruthenium. thanks scarlett'sbag.