FROM MY SA: Colors! Curry, VA & Turq. WOW! 8-22-08

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  1. #1 Aug 22, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2008
    These pictures have me drooling. I think my SA can always be a photo stylist if she ever leaves H!

    Please note that the prices are +/- and may vary from what is shown.

    E N J O Y!

    Curry. . .
    Bearn Wallet: $2000
    Azap Card Case: $2050
    Kelly Medium Wallet: $2400
    Ulyssee PM: $175; Paper Insert: $45
    Vision Zip Diary Cover: $1200
    H Belt Strap: $380; Buckle: $190

    Vert Anis . . .
    Miro Eye Glass Case: $880
    Piccolo Case: $435
    Zippy Pencil Case: $500
    Thrill Money Holder: $640
    Ostrich Bearn: $2775
    Bearn Key Case: $800
    Azap Long: $2275

    Turquoise . . .
    Thrill Kangaroo Money Holder: $1075
    Bearn Key Case: $800
    Bearn Wallet: $1925

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  2. Beautiful! These photos from your SA are always such a treat, Kallie Girl! Thanks, always, for sharing! :tup:
  3. As always, gorgeous. I think at Christmas, the H forum might need to pool and buy your SA a really nice gift considering how great she has been to send all these images. Thank you for sharing them! :yes:
  4. These pictures make everything look so yummy! !!!!
  5. Beautiful pictures!!!!!!! Kallie Girl- you and your SA are the best:heart:
  6. Your SA is fantastic and so many things in vert anis, I wish that would be the case in London where you rarly find anything in vert anis. Super Thanks for sharing
  7. Thanks you KG, your shopping threads always make my day!
  8. hi Kallie, boy she sure would make a great do you resist the temptation????? it's like hvaing a plate of warm fresh chocolate chip cookies under your nose :graucho:
  9. Awesome pics Kallie!!
  10. Kallie Girl - Thank you for sharing your fortune with us!!! Your SA it one in a million! :tup:
    I always look forward to your posts - candy without calories... :cloud9:
  11. Wow, thank you so much. These are so pretty...

    I can't believe how much Thrill money holder is, $640! I love mine in violet but I have Karo PM in violet too. I'm thinking of getting another Thrill in different color but $640! WOW.... :sweatdrop:
  12. Thanks, so nicely photographed!! I saw quetsche today in chevre mangalore. Very pretty. Like a toned down raisin.
  13. :nuts: :drool: :girlsigh: Thanks for sharing :heart:
  14. Kallie Girl - Thanks for sharing another round of beautiful pics. Everything looks TDF.
  15. Thanks for posting these, I always come back to these posts. So much to :drool: over.