from MUA, new quilted bag for fall

  1. not sure if this has been posted yet
  2. I don't like it. :sad:
  3. hmmmm maybe it is interesting. could grow on me.
  4. The main reason I love Balenciaga is that it blends high end with casual brilliantly. Better than any other style I've found.
    The quilt ruins that for me.
    I have a quilted Chanel and Marc Jacobs bag and I wouldn't want a quilted Balenciaga.
  5. I would need to see it in person
  6. My thoughts exactly! :hrmm:
  7. Ha! It looks like one of those weird fake composite-design bags! On the other hand, I too would have to see it. It's possible that I would then change my mind.
  8. The leather looks like it is incredible, but the shape is so boxy that the bag looks like it would be stiff and weird. I've heard that this bag is over $2,200 (not positive about this) so I'm really hoping I hate it!
  9. :sick:
  10. Hmmmm............Just not liking this one:sad:
  11. Oh no. Yuck.
  12. The quilting looks too big and puffy like a Chanel or MJ with an allergy. :roflmfao:
  13. I saw a great picture of this bag in the French Vogue "Collections" (hopefully, the H/B didn't throw it out!).

    Anyhow, the bag was in the most BEAUTIFUL :heart: Robin-Egg blue; kind of like the '04 Turquoise. I thought it was just FANTASTIC ... looked much better than the posted pic. I wonder how much it will retail for?!?
  14. Ick :sad:
  15. It doesn't bother me. I had an opportunity to pre-order it back in Jan/Feb but didn't for some reason. I should have to see it in person. I think it will be out at the end of June. We will see...