From Mineral Powder to Pressed Powder

  1. I've been using BE mineral powder for about 4 years (i'm 22 now), and I haven't been experiencing any problems with breaks outs. But the problem is that I have oil/combination skin and the powder does not stay on throughout the day. Also, recently my mom has been pointing out how it's drying out my skin since i'm applying the foundation powder+mineral veil, and I agree! So, I think i want to try a pressed powder-BUT i'm worried about how it might cause me to break out even more. SO... i need some help! It would be great to know which powders works great w/o the breaking out effect. I would go to the sephora store and ask, but honestly, some ppl just don't care and all they want to do is make you buy the product.
  2. Have you tried the BE prime time? it is a gel that you use under your make up it helps the BE stay on better and helps mattfy your skin. I have an oli slick for a nose and this has always helped. a lot of pressed powders have oil in them.... so that can cause breakouts..
  3. I was afraid to use primers because my face is oily everywhere in general... but maybe i should try using a primer+powder first.
  4. I like Laura mercier pressed powder. It's not mineral.
  5. does it make you break out sometimes? This is frustrating~ I want a pressed powder that's not oily, or i want a mineral powder that'll stay and not make me look porous lol.
  6. IDK, Mineral Veil is basically just overpriced cornstarch. That's probably why it's making your skin look dry and why it's not working very effectively. Instead of a pressed powder, I would just look for a different loose powder to apply over the Bare Minerals foundation. Pressed powders tend to look cakey and it's hard to keep them sanitary after multiple applications so that can cause breakouts...

    I was using Sue Devitt loose powder which I loved, but the color I have is a bit too tan for my skin during the winter. So I recently replaced it with Palgantong Theatrical Powder and I love that even more. I think a good loose powder is worth splurging on, because it doesn't matter how good your foundation looks if you don't put a good finish on it, kwim? But IMO BM Mineral Veil isn't a good powder to splurge on, because the formula is just so-so...
  7. ^ I agree~! I went out today and tried on everything.... but didn't buy anything yet since i want to search for some more better things. I realized that I want a LOOSE powder for sure, but now i think i need to find the "perfect" one. I'm planning to purchase the smash box photo finish light primer and when i do find the powder i like, i'll use them together. I've been on the other threads about handbags from the tpf, but I think that no matter how great our outfits/accessories are- you need to have nice skin (it makes all the difference).