From Marc Jacobs Spring 08 Runway: Bag Photos!

  1. Not sure of how I feel about them.... Not sure of how user friendly they are but here are some from the runway!




    The shoes on the first two are amazing!
  2. Also, look at these shoes!
  3. those shoes are trippy! literally.. i'd probably fall and break s omething
  4. Hmm.... first thought: There's a tumor growing out of that bag!

    2nd thought: Her heel is broken!

    I think MJ is a bit too abstract this time around... I wonder if these designs will make it into stores.
  5. I agree with Thithi, I don't think they are understandable for the masses. But I do love the large black "day" clutch with the "Chanel" if you will chain. That is gorgeous!
  6. I don't really like those odd looking bags, cept for that clutch with the chain. That looks pretty hot.
  7. Thanks for posting those pictures...I have to agree, not sure I want to walk around with something that looks like a tumor growing out of it.
  8. Yeah I don't know about the bags....there seems to be some sort of cystic growth. Not cute to me.
  9. That quilted "thing" on the bags is too distracting. And those shoes are like sculptures; maybe nice to look at, but not to wear (but I'm biased, since I rarely wear heels, anyway). I'll pass.
  10. :confused1::roflmfao::shrugs::yucky:
  11. I concur on the purses but actually like the shoes. the shoes may be abstract but the concept of it is trippy and it looks pretty. i like it very much.
  12. lol however, they do need to offer more supprt, so for them to sell in stores, mj will need to extend the heel more to the left in order to support the ball of the foot
  13. Hmm..
    Bag wise: Maybe not so much, but they are very different looking.

    Shoes wise: Those are definitely unique. I would love to try one of them. A pair of floating pumps.

    Clothes wise: His clothes are definitely wearable.

    It's just that I think he likes to experiment. MJ's not about being your regular normal fashion brand. His versatility amazes me, at least. I guess that's one of the reasons his shows are one the most anticipated every season. Surreal looking, indeed.
  14. i think the clothes look very ethereal and sexy. as for the bags, i'm not too crazy about them, but i do like the clutches. i found a picture of another one on


    his runway bags are usually very different then the bags that show up in stores (i.e. this season's stones, which were all over the fall 07 runway and the usual blakes and stams that are mostly on department store shelves), so, hopefully, there's something less abstract for the masses. did anyone notice the frog detail he used in place of the pushlocks? very odd, yet cute...

  15. i like to top quilted clutch, lol one reason i love mj, even the clutches are big. when he says clutch he really means, something with a clutch price but that you can fit more than a lipstick and key in. gotta love it