1. chanel lovers i need suggestions, help me with my first Chanel. I know i want a medium flap in black but which should i get?the one with modern chain or the old one?in gold or silver?(hardware,chain) TIA.:heart::heart:
  2. It´s hard to say, they are all beautiful, but for your first i would go for the old one.

    Wheather to choose gold or silver is more about personal preference. I would usally go for the silver since i normally only use whitegold .. but lately i´ve reconsiderd and now i think gold is pretty nice as well :smile: Perhaps its the age..

    Altough, if i were to buy a jumbo flap in red i would definitely go for the modern chain, so it all depens..

    I would recommend you to try them all on, look your self in the mirror, nice ha :smile: ..hopefully you´ll know which one to choose.

    Good luck
  3. I vote old chain since this will be your first bag. But I agree with Mediana- go to Chanel and try on different bags. It might give you a totally different perspective.
  4. Everyone will have different opinions on which is the perfect flap - personally I chose the e/w caviar w/ silver hardware - and the old chain.

    But it's true - you won't really know until you're there, and hopefully you get a good SA who'll indulge you and let you try them all on and change your mind 100 times like mine did!!

    Good luck and welcome to Chanel. There's no turning back...
  5. I agree with the ladies; it is definitely a matter of personal preference. What may help you, however, is to think about the type of jewelry you wear. If you tend to wear gold, I would go with the gold HW, or vice-versa.

    Also, it depends if you want something more edgy/contemporary, I would probably go with the new chain. IMO, the old chain is the more "classic" chanel. Good luck with your decision!
  6. I think the silver vs. gold really depends on what you would find more practical for you. I like silver better, but that is just my opinionl.
  7. Another 2 cents in the mix. My vote is for the older chain; it's traditional, classic. My vote goes to the gold hardware if you can still find it. Again, it's the original color and it seems harder to come by.

    A consideration in choosing hardware color is by skin tone. Check skin tone at the wrist (the down side). Is there a yellow base of cool, more blue base color? If you are yellow based, gold will look far better than silver. If you are cool toned, silver is the best choice.

    Granted the chain is not against your face, so go with your heart and no regrets!
  8. Old chain as it's the first bag you have, you have time to buy bags with new chain ;)
    I prefer silver but ended to buy gold because the only available. I think it depends on the color of accessories you wear :smile:
  9. I like both! Maybe you can get a classic chain first and then get the new chain or vice versa. You can't go wrong. I like the silver chain better though. Like you, I collect mostly LV but had a changed of heart about a month or two ago. Now, I'm so obsessed with Chanel. I just got a Black Medium flap Caviar with classic silver chain and I love it to death. I can't wait to get my second chanel. Congrats on your upcoming purchase, I'm sure you will love it whether it's a classic, modern or the new chain.:smile:

    BTW, which one are you planning to get the Caviar or the lambskin?
  10. I'm like you...big LV fan with several bags, but had to have a classic Chanel. I went with the med/lg black caviar flap, old chain, gold it but find it a bit small....My next bag witt be a jumbo classic flap in tan, old chain, silver see, once you get started.........
  11. I like both- it just depends what look you are going for.
  12. Lovely chanel ladies thanks for all your suggestions and for welcoming me here :heart:even if I'm not yet an official Chanel owner:p. (hopefully soon)

    this is tough for me because we don't have Chanel here in Manila to try bags on. If i already made up my mind which to get,I would just ask a friend who's often in Europe, who might have a chance to visit Paris, to buy it for me.

  13. anghelq, I really want a caviar too. But which do you think is better?
    (oh since I'm still planning to have a chanel, I'm still inlove with you Louis:heart: hehe)
  14. Thanks jmen,oh this is interesting, I'm asian with yellow skin tone. so gold will look better on me?
    I'm wearing a lot of gold jewerlies/accessories because of my LVs. So it would also be nice to have silver for a change right? really goes with the classic look....AHHH this is tough:push:
  15. For me, it's caviar because it's durable and not easily scratch. I like the lambskin too but I'm scared I might ruined it lol. I'm planning to get lambskin later on but a small flap though. I still love Louis too but I'm leaning towards Chanel more. :graucho: